Specifics of IPL Betting in India

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IPL betting is probably the most widespread wagering type in India. Many factors have led to such online cricket betting, trend including historical preconditions and recent technological ones. Of course, the flipside of this phenomenon is related to the bookmakers themselves, which are offering attractive conditions to earn significant money. This material is a comprehensive guide for newcomers about betting IPL principles and will help to start earning on it.

A perfect fit to start making money is Bons bookmaker. By registering at bons.com, you’ll receive attractive bonuses (hundreds of thousands of rupees) and the ability to bet on all popular sports. Of course, including top-tier cricket competition – Indian Premier League.

Specifics of IPL betting online in India

The primary reason for Indians to wager on IPL battles is their true love of cricket. This sport is the national one in the country and is actively promoted. As all the competitions contain wagering as an additional type of joy and excitement, IPL is the perfect fit in this regard. However, land-based gambling is prohibited in almost all Indian states. Is it legal to make online bets, and what are the hidden obstacles? Let’s go step-by-step.

IPL Betting

The importance of cricket for Indians

All Indians know that cricket is their national sport. From a young man and until the eld, the majority of citizens will choose to watch cricket in front of other sports. The IPL is the cherry on the cake among the huge variety of other cricket tournaments beloved by Indians. However, how did this sport become so popular in the country, and why is it more important for Indian citizens than football?
Indian citizens are glued to their TV screens when they watch the IPL. The game has become more popular than football and other sports in India, which is why it’s important for many people there that cricket be given preference over all others

Historical background

The motherland of cricket is the same as football’s one – Great Britain. However, the game with bowlers and batsmen is much older than the recent global leader. To feel the difference, the first mentions about cricket were made at the end of the 16th century, while common football rules appeared in the 19th.

And while the Englishmen were thinking about how to organise the new game with a bigger ball and feet, cricket was actively developing and spreading. In just two centuries, batters and bowlers became the top persons for newspaper reports and bettors. Of course, cricket became travelling with UK’s sailors all over the world and landed in India in the 18th century.

Now, one can easily make a bet on the IPL clash without leaving home. Moreover, everyone has access to huge promotions up to 4 lakh rupees by simply going to bons.com. This international bookmaking brand is also ready to amaze you with great service and an extensive odds line for cricket and other sports beloved by Indians.

The game found its followers among the local population. In the 19th century, the first Indian organisations and clubs were established, which promoted the creation of the national team. And while football was only finding its supporters across Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, the Indian national cricket team went to England on its first tour. In 1932 the team’s status was confirmed on the international level when it played its first Test match and became the sixth squad added to this elite tournament. Just in three years, the Ranji Trophy was organised as the national first-class competition.

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The recent situation 

The next important turn for Indian cricket happened in the late 20th century. In the 1980th, the national squad won a few international tournaments and increased the interest in the game. The BCCI saw the potential of cricket and took many steps towards the game’s promotion. The most notable one was the appearance of the Indian Premier League – top tier cricket competition with the Western principles of organisation.

IPL Betting

Only eight teams are attending in the IPL, but all of them are super powerful. The budget of this cricket tournament is the biggest globally while broadcasting rights are sold in most countries. It allows squads to sign top foreign players, even though there is a limit of 8 for the whole squad and of 4 at the pitch during the game. The salaries cap allows control spendings of the clubs but creates enough conditions to make top cricket players among the best-paid sportsmen in the world.

All these reasons make the IPL the most successful cricket tournament in the world, although it lasts only two months. The presence of the majority of top players from all over the globe make this T20 cricket competition highly competitive and so interesting to watch. Of course, the most attention comes from India itself and creates perfect conditions for the development of online betting in IPL.

Why is IPL online betting popular in India?

Even though the financial and reputational success of the IPL is huge, Indians can wager on the matches only online. That is one of the specifics of the Indian gambling market, which is forbidden in the land-based form in most of the states. However, the spread of technologies overcame the brick-and-mortar restriction, and now IPL match betting is as simple as watching YouTube videos.

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Legal background

As it was said, all types of land-based gambling are forbidden in most Indian states. However, the intrinsic desire to make a bet and hope to receive more makes wagering an attractive activity. Earlier, plenty of venues and dedicated people were ready to organise a local bookie, which was popular even in the poor regions. Although the majority of the countries in the world are trying to control gambling strictly, India is far from having a well-regulated betting market as one of the core directions.

Nonetheless, the existing limitations for land-based gambling activities don’t mean the limitations for the online niche. Moreover, Indian banks are cooperating with foreign bookmakers and giving their services to licensed international brands. It means that licensed bookies can legally work in India, although in the digital form only. The development of mobile phones and high-speed internet facilitates this sector even more.

Among the top mobile cricket betting apps in India is Bons. This trusted bookmaker has the needed license and works with Indian banks to accept rupees. Bonuses for the first five deposits will surely help you to increase your winning rates!

Spread of cricket betting tips

However, the legal and technical side of the cricket wagering popularity is only the tip of the iceberg. The real reason is the desire of the Indian bettors and those who want to make the process of games’ watching more exciting. A lot of wagerers turned their knowledge and attentiveness into a profitable hobby that can bring significant revenues. All of them know that today’s IPL match betting tips are key elements to be more precise and more successful.

There are plenty of websites that compare IPL odds and share the best betting tips for the upcoming battles. When experts share their insights concerning the future game, it becomes a great source for personal development in forecasting. You can notice what aspects are the most underrated by a bookmaker and try to catch the bookie.

Is online IPL betting profitable for Indian players?

Attentive and calm bettors are always gaining profits from wagering. However, the ability to wager on the national tournament increases the chances to win more. The love of cricket allows punters to make IPL betting predictions more precise. For instance, it’s much easier to evaluate the influence of the home crowd, venue’s lawn, or weather conditions for those who live in the same country. Nevertheless, let’s review some interesting details and success instances that are helping to earn.

Online betting IPL secrets to winning more

As IPL is really a super tournament on cricket, it has a few interesting features that can help to understand it better. Those secrets are the combination of typical bettors’ logic and strategy with IPL’s nuances. Let’s start with the typical approaches that all professional wagerers are using.

Common advice for bettors

The successful run of every betting master is based on the traditional postulates that can be grouped into the following list:

  1. Learn the market (The research work before making first bets is extremely important).
  2. Check strategy and first suggestions (That is often made on virtual bets or pieces of paper).
  3. Bet 5-10% from the whole bank at once (Don’t risk all your money even if you are 150% sure, all sports are unpredictable).
  4. Control your bank (If losing too often, it’s time to adjust strategy and reduce maximum bet).
  5. Be ready to lose (A key psychological feature that helps control yourself and avoid gambling addiction).
  6. Be twice more attentive with bets on your favourite teams or individuals (another psychological feature that shouldn’t be forgotten).
  7. Check your strategy in the long run (A few unfortunate results shouldn’t be the reason for doubting and turning to another approach).
  8. Ordinary wagers are the most reliable (Neither systems nor accumulators can lead you to success in the long run because of too high risks).
  9. Avoid betting when too emotional (The third psychological element you must remember; both excitement and depression are dangerous).
  10. Give a chance to promotions (A free way of doubling revenues shouldn’t be ignored).
  11. Don’t deepen too much into wagering (betting can be a comprehensive way of earning money but shouldn’t be the major source of emotions).

If you disagree with some of these pieces of advice, you are probably a newcomer or a very-very experienced bettor. The latter, however, are hardly reading this article and surely applying their knowledge on suitable IPL betting or other betting apps. Of course, you can argue that you had some incredible wins when making bets being too emotional in the past. However, they were luckier than truly analytical work. At the same time, you probably have some personal features you are often using, that’s ok.

You can always try your knowledge and gut feeling at bons.com. This trustworthy bookmaker accepts diverse types of payments (including rupees and PayTM) and proposes incredible bonuses for newcomers.

Trends of IPL betting in 2021 – 2022

Now, let’s review the latest IPL season and define the most unexpected elements. By analysing the season 2021, we can build a few predictions for the following year, 2022.

For instance, let’s look at the venue as one of the key aspects of every cricket game in the IPL. Before the corona-caused break in May 2021, the top-4 consisted of DC (12), CSK (10), RCB (10), and MI (8). After the renewal of the tournament in the UAE, the first trio was available to continue their initial success and finished on the same spots after the regular season.

However, Mumbai Indians couldn’t continue the race for the play-off. Their last game against the outsider left them only theoretical chances of taking a play-off spot and needing to beat SRH by 171(!) runs. The influence of the venue is incredible.

At the same time, KKR showed that they are ready to surprise even overseas. They were the second-worst team before the IPL 2021 renewal with 4 points in the pocket and a -0.494 net run rate. However, they won 5 out of 7 games and took a play-off spot, with an astonishing NRT of 0.587. That was the best result in the second stage of the regular season.

What does it mean in practice? As we can see, the location plays a vital role. Most of the experts were sure that MI would continue their successful run in the UAE, but they were unable to do it. So, the issue of “where will the season 2022 be played?” should be analysed very carefully.

Success stories of IPL bettors

One of the most simple ways to check success stories in terms of cricket predictions is to visit tipsters’ sites. Bettors are often ready to share their thoughts with the community and make it on specialised platforms. There, one can sort cricket forecasts by the tournament (IPL, World Cup, so on) or by the winning rates of the tipsters.

When applying the needed filters, the IPL betting rate of the most successful tipsters can reach up to 80%. It means that only 20% of the bets were wrong. However, it doesn’t mean that the clear profit of such a wagerer is 60%. Usually, the rate is formed from the number of bets, which can be with coefficients lower than 2. If we take the average odd for IPL game prediction 1.75, the real clear profit will be the following:

(8 games with +75) – (2 games with -100) = 600 – 200 = 400

So, ten bets (hundred rupees each) bring 400 rupees of clear profit. That is, actually, a perfect IPL wagering rate that can be achieved on the best betting sites in India.

However, one should understand that such success rates are really rare due to the high competition of the tip cricket tournament. Also, there can be some unfortunate periods when a few games in a row are losses. All these elements can be checked in the tipster’s profile, so you can analyse every bet and build your own strategy. However, even 6 right predictions out of 10 with a coefficient of 1.75 will lead to a +50 profit. And such a rate is absolutely real.

One of the best websites to make bets on IPL is bons.com. This international brand came to India with huge welcome offers, 24/7 support, and suitable paying options. Just count how much you can earn if they are ready to offer up to 4 lakh rupees in bonuses!

How to Choose IPL Betting App?

The desire to bet on the IPL game is one of the strongest drivers of the Indian betting industry. Their cricket league attracts immense attention from the whole globe, which shows the trend. At the same time, the spread of smartphones means the need for having the best IPL betting app in India in the pocket.

Luckily, Indian bettors have access to the Bons application, which is the perfect choice to win more. The extensive odds line for the IPL battles is facilitated by huge bonuses (up to 4 lakh rupees) and all the year round and noctidial support.


Specifics of IPL wagering

Attention to the best cricket games automatically means the popularity of IPL. With its over billion popularity, India was able to organise and develop the strongest league all over the world. Huge attention to the Indian Premier League means immense online betting potential, which fairly comes from inside the country. Local wagerers love everything about IPL, starting from watching games and discussing the latest news and ending with predictions and betting on the heavy favourites.

Why is the Indian Premier League so popular among bettors?

The popularity of cricket in India makes a major difference. This game is extremely popular on all levels. As soon as boys are ready to knock the ball and throw it for a few meters – they dream of becoming a professional IPL player.

However, this popularity isn’t fed with breast’s milk only. Multimillion true support gave birth to the strongest cricket league. In the modern world, it led to a huge capitalization and the creation of the IPL. In other words, the Indian Premier League is the most viewable and richest competition in the whole world. In turn, it means multimillion-dollar contracts for its top players.

At the same time, the intrinsic Indian love for cricket isn’t the only feature. The strongest international players join IPL teams with great pleasure. Such a situation mirrors the organisation and approaches used in the other sports’ strongest competitions. The Champions League, NBA, NHL, NFL – those tournaments are the core for strongest football, basketball, hockey, and American football leagues accordingly. IPL took the strongest and most important approaches used in those tournaments to hold the undeniable top spot among cricket events overall.

Cricket tips’ effectiveness

The ability to analyse cricket betting tips is one of the cornerstones of the person who wants to earn on IPL. The key element of every piece of advice is the presence of useful info. Sometimes, it can have the opposite effect and bring you to the right outcomes.

For instance, you’ve read the analysis of the upcoming cricket game and have noticed the author’s huge attention towards weather conditions that should be dry. However, you have some doubts concerning the real situation on the pitch. So, you double-check the conditions on the particular stadium and find that the cyclone is coming faster than it has been forecasted before. In this case, the tip was wrong but allowed you to pay attention to the critical element that helped to make the right IPL prediction.

What aspects do influence the IPL game?

As it was discussed earlier, the weather is one of the most important aspects when predicting an IPL game. However, there are a few other factors that imprint betting prediction on the match of Indian best cricket teams:

  • weather (dry or wet, wind, sun)
  • teams’ shape (win or lose streak, reasons of the latest results)
  • leaders’ current form (injuries, ability to lead the latest games’ results)
  • venue (grass and soil recent condition, home/away crowd)

That’s only the tip of the iceberg that should help to deepen into a more detailed pre-match analysis. Or to understand tipsters that make predictions on the IPL clashes, at least.

Most popular bets for IPL matches

IPL Betting App

Although the amount of available bets for top cricket games exceeds a hundred ones, the majority of them can be grouped. At the same time, most of the bettors prefer clear and more predictable variants to bet. So, let’s group IPL bets into four categories:

  • choosing winner
  • toss outcome
  • innings’ results (over/under)
  • batsman/bowler’ individual scores

As one can see, the first two items have only a few variants for each. Nonetheless, they are among the most popular bets in IPL due to their simplicity and a better understanding of their nature. Interestingly, professionals make betting tips and predictions for all of them, depending on the odds and latest info about the cricket game.

What should an online IPL betting app contain?

The previous sections give an insight of what are the key aspects when someone wants to make a bet on the IPL battle. However, the aforementioned elements are related to the predictions on sports.

At the same time, the technical and practical sides also play an essential role in defining the betting preferences of the player. Thus, only a few will bet on an IPL’s game on the unknown bookie’s site, which doesn’t have a needed license and suitable paying options. Also, the current situation on the market predetermined the importance of bonuses, which can significantly improve the winning balance. Bons.com is the best example of a bookmaker, which combines all these best conditions for the Indian wagering market.

Another critical element to mention is the presence of the mobile application. The age of smartphones began not accidentally. Now, everyone can receive most of the services on the pocket screen, and betting on the IPL matches is one of the options. Let’s have a look at the most important features that the best IPL betting app should have:

Friendly UI-UX

That’s the very first element that should be considered by a wagerer. The best betting sites in India usually have great applications for mobile use. Everything should be comfortable for your eyes and fingers, starting with the colours and ending with buttons’ sizes. Especially if you are going to spend a lot of time in the smartphone app while making bets on the IPL matches.

Payment options adjusted for India

Some bettors review this aspect as the priority. As wagering is tightly related to money transactions, all the elements should be perfect. For the Indian player, the betting apps should suggest banking cards with rupees, a PayTM system, and cryptocurrencies. Those three methods symbolise diverse approaches in terms of safety and privacy. Also, these variants are the confirmation that the bookie appeared on the Indian market, not accidentally.

Broad odds line

Of course, some bettors are choosing the bookmaker based on the odds line variety. That is especially critical for the mobile versions of the bookies, which should propose the same variety as the web version. Here the suitability of finding the needed picks can be added (although that is part of the UX-UI item). Usually, it is linked with the number of tabs and the number of clicks needed to find the appropriate bet.

Attractive bonuses

Yes, a lot of bettors are looking at this item when choosing the bookies and betting app for IPL clashes. Moreover, bonus activations should be fast and easy via the mobile version.

The Indian punters that pay the first attention to the welcome promotions can be happy by visiting bons.com. This bookmaker offers up to 4 lakh rupees for the first five deposits, which is twice bigger than the following offer on the market.

Functionality maximum

This is a combination of the previous elements to some extent. Thus, some mobile applications have narrower odds lines, limited paying variants, or don’t support all types of promotions. That’s not a critical element, but surely an unfortunate one. Also, you should have access to all the essential features of the bookie, like the live support page or online casino.

Best IPL online betting app verdict

In the final paragraphs of this article, we will sum up all the elements discussed in the reading. Of course, it’s rather a tough task to combine tips and cricket betting apps’ functionality. However, we’ve done this job and are ready to share the results with you.

Which wagering application fits the most criteria?

So, the best app for IPL betting is Bons. This website and an appropriate application are well-adjusted for the bets of cricket. Moreover, this bookmaker proposes a broad odds line for the IPL battles with low margins. It means that one can apply any wagering tip for any game.

Also, at bons.com, you can find astonishing bonus suggestions, which can give you up to 4 lakh rupees. Just imagine how much you can earn with extra thousands of rupees on your deposit account. Of course, all these elements are under the international brand’s cover and live support 365/24/7.

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How to receive maximum bonuses for IPL bets?

One of the first questions that appear after the first info about Bons is how to get their extra-large promotions. The answer is simple enough and can be made in a few steps:

  1. Visit bons.com
  2. Register on the platform
  3. Choose the depositing variant that fits your expectations
  4. Get your bonus directly to your account
  5. Make first bets to activate and grab the overall bank

As simple as that, so don’t waste your time and push the button below!

Bons Betting
Bons Betting

In the past few months, Bons bookie's popularity has risen rapidly


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FAQ about IPL Betting

  • How to betting in IPL?

    IPL betting can be made on dedicated websites. In India, it can be made on online bookmaking platforms.

  • How to make money in IPL betting?

    One has to be attentive and smart in cricket predictions to make money in IPL betting.

  • How IPL betting works?

    IPL betting works the same way as the other sports betting is realised: a bookie suggests odds, the punter makes a bet. If the wager is winnable, the bettor receives a profit.

  • What is betting in IPL?

    Betting in IPL is the traditional wagering activity that is provided on the Indian Premier League matches.

  • How to earn money in IPL betting?

    IPL betting gives the ability to earn money for those who are ready to bet their costs on the bookmaking platform and guess the right outcome of the IPL game.

  • How to win in IPL betting?

    To win in IPL betting, one has to analyse the upcoming game and make the right prediction on the betting platform.

  • How to play betting in IPL?

    To play betting on IPL matches, one has to choose a bookie, select the odds, and make a bet on a particular outcome.

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    Bons Betting
    Bons Betting

    In the past few months, Bons bookie's popularity has risen rapidly


    Bet365 offers everything you need to have a modern, comprehensive betting experience.

    Bons Cricket Betting
    Bons Cricket Betting

    Place first deposit from ₹500 or more to receive 200% welcome bonus

    Bons Sports Betting
    Bons Sports Betting

    Cashback up to 20% every month