Cricket Betting Tips: Guide for Indian Punters

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The passion of Indians to cricket makes this sport the most popular for betting on. See the list of all platforms for online sports betting. Moreover, a lot of citizens turned their love and knowledge into a profitable hobby. All of them are using one or another approach while wagering. This article is devoted to the most important aspects concerned with the cricket betting tips for Indian punters. This guide will help you to earn some cash too. If you don’t know where to use gained knowledge – try Five huge welcome bonuses, international reliability, and the odds variety will help you turn cricket tips knowledge into a wallet’s positive balance.

Cricket Betting Tips

Basic aspects of the free cricket betting tips

Many betting sites are trying to persuade everyone that they possess the best cricket betting tips’ gurus. Of course, their pieces of advice are the most concise and so on. Nonetheless, newcomers have to understand basic elements at first. So, let’s start with the basics of this rather complicated but interesting niche. Here you can see the list of all interesting online betting sites.

cricket betting tips

Elements influencing the result in cricket

You definitely know that cricket is the typical team vs team game, which is played outdoors in big stadiums in front of the crowd. This very first statement allows to divide the aspects that influencing match’s outcome into three major categories:

  • Teams’ shape
  • Venue
  • Weather

Teams shape

That is the most complex aspect for understanding and right analysis. For shortened T20 cricket games, teams usually consist of 25 players. However, only 11 can be on the field during the game. It brings a huge room to vary the squad for the particular opponent. At the same time, it makes evaluation of the team’s shape rather difficult.

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However, experts in cricket betting tips and football betting tips know all the stars and influential players that are on the pitch every time. Attentive followers are looking through the statistics after every game and see tendencies. If the team is struggling on the field, it’s well seen on the screen and in the after-match stats. In this case, it’s hard to believe in the amazing squad’s revival if the next game is in two days only.

Of course, even free cricket betting tips on Facebook include the analysis of the opposite team. Thus, if both teams have similar teams’ shapes, experts try to deepen the evaluation of every player’s form separately. So, don’t just read and follow free betting cricket tips on some platform. If you have some doubts, you have to pay attention to the overall teams’ shape comparison and every player separately. Many bettors like to use these tactics playing on different betting sites in India and other cricket betting sites.

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The crowd is always an advantage for the home team, and cricket isn’t an exclusion. Players prefer listening to massive and loud support when making the right decisions and moves on the field. It gives them additional energy and presses the opposing team. At the same time, fans can bring extra pressure on their favourite team, especially in the decisive stages of the tournaments. The ability to resist such extra pressure often becomes an influential factor.

The location of the game can have some other elements that should be considered. For instance, all the venues have their specific grass tall or soil hardness. Those aspects influence shoe choosing and ball bouncing off the lawn. Alike elements often become too critical for the away team and decrease their chances of winning the game.

Also, some of the cricket clashes are regarded as tough rivalries. In this regard, the elements like the current team’s shape go to the background in front of emotional exaltation. There are even historical tendencies of one opponent’s success in some stadiums due to the row of the aforementioned obstacles. Experienced tipsters know all the details in this regard and evaluate them more accurately.

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Common bet picks of cricket tipsters

Knowing all the possible preconditions of the match isn’t enough to win while punting. Every bettor has to pick the best possible odds to increase the chances of grabbing cash. For a cricket game, the most widespread betting variants are the following:

  • winner
  • innings’ over/under
  • toss outcome
  • individual scores (of a batsman/bowler)

Online cricket betting tips can vary significantly depending on the weather, venue, and teams’ shape. Some of the gurus prefer making emphasis on the individual score depending on the previous matches’ stats. Others used to predict over or unders in the innings. Nonetheless, the huge popularity belongs to the simple winner or toss outcome bets, which may seem not so complicated for the majority of punters.


This is another essential aspect that should be discussed in more detail regarding cricket wagering tips. As a rule, the weather directly influences the toss procedure as it predetermines the captain’s choice. In general, climate conditions can be roughly divided into two vectors, helping either bowler or batsman.

Cloudy and wet weather is usually considered to be the helper for bowlers. Many cricket fans believe that overcast and windy conditions decrease the chances of the batsman hitting the flying ball. Even if the latter can catch it, the heavier ball flies less, so bowlers have more chances to stop the batter.

On the contrary, shiny and dry weather is an advantage for the batsman. In such conditions, batters are more precise with their shots and can make more runs during the inning. A drier lawn is more suitable for running by default.

At the same time, all free cricket betting tips for today’s matches also consider weather conditions as the decisive factor for the toss procedure. Logically, if the weather is fine, the captain will certainly choose to bat first. On the contrary, bigger humidity and possible rain will facilitate the bowling side to grab first.

Read experts, but believe in yourself

Making predictions should always start with expertise or passion to some sports to exclude crazy hints. That is one of the most common pieces of advice that can be done for any bettor. It always leads to additional criticism of the forecast and a more attentive attitude towards online betting.

The psychological trick that lies in more personal belief relates to joy and satisfaction. As many people are betting online on cricket, they want to receive maximum positive emotions. One of the core triggers of betting is the possibility to win, which brings excitement. None can compare the joy received from the personal prediction and taken from the side. Interestingly, if the forecast for the game is wrong, personal mistakes bring more benefits as it facilitates self-analysis.


Specifics of the IPL betting tips

Reviewing cricket betting apps, a lot of wagerers will definitely bet on the top competition – IPL. The Indian clubs’ tournament is the strongest on Earth, so it attracts a lot of attention even from abroad. So, we’ve combined all the aforementioned hints and applied them for the IPL matches. Some bettors use for this perpose IPL betting app.

Look at the team’s recent conditions

That is the basic rule that is used by tipsters. When analysing the team’s shape, the most experienced ones determine more than 7 cricket betting tips and aspects. This element also includes a deep statistical review to understand the situation better.

Apply cricket betting tips free testing

If you do not fully believe the cricket betting tips in the Internet, you can test them first. It is surely an annoying task to check top pieces of advice on the paper during the week, but that is the safest approach.

Those who have no time to test and are ready to try today’s cricket match betting tips for free should try welcome promotions available on the Indian bookmaking market. Among the most attractive propositions in this regard is the bonus for the first five deposits from Bons bookie. At, you will also receive cashback, 24/7 live support, vast odds line and low margins for maximum winnings. The reliability of this betting firm is confirmed with a Curacao license and a high international reputation. During this year it will provide one of the most interesting betting apps in India.

Focus on star players

When talking about the IPL, we automatically mean the strongest bowlers and batters on the globe. This is the major reason for making the Indian Premier League a top competition among the cricket events variety. Of course, star players are the ones that make a difference and attract a wide audience both to the stadiums and screens.

Try live betting

Another common piece of advice for punters that is especially vital in cricket. Sometimes, captains can inappropriately use their toss win advantage and choose the wrong side to start with. In this case, one can fastly see the tendency and use it to maximise winnings.

How to use online cricket betting tips

Summing up all the elements discussed above, use the following step by step guide for betting on cricket using different tips:

  1. Choose a reliable bookie that works with India
  2. Check the odds and margins
  3. Try your forces on the best bonus offers
  4. Try to test tips on paper or on bonus offers at least
  5. Don’t panic if the few first results are unfortunate
  6. Adjust your strategy to the tips you believing the most

If you are interested in reducing this guide, we can recommend betting on This is an approved bookie that is well suited for Indian punters. Moreover, their welcome bonus propositions for the first five deposits can significantly facilitate your emotions, which is vital at the beginning.

Online Cricket Betting: Popularity Roots, Winning Tips

One of the most common ways to try your luck is to make a bet on a sports competition. If your favourite sport is related to batsman and bowler – online cricket betting is the right choice. It gives enough adrenaline while also providing nice chances to grab a cash prize if you know more about the event. This material is dedicated to explaining everything about wagering on cricket games, starting with types of bets, and ending with pitfalls of choosing the most appropriate bookie.

Those who are interested in the very last section of the previous sentence can visit This bookmaker is well-adjusted for bets on cricket and suggests up to 4 lakh rupees in welcome bonuses.

Specifics of cricket online betting

The recommendations towards cricket betting online should start from explanations about the game. Although you may think you know everything about your favourite sports, repeating the essential aspects cannot harm you. We will try to combine basic information with useful elements to make the following sections useful for a wider audience.

Types of cricket bets

When opening the best cricket betting apps or websites, you may notice hundreds of odds available for the best cricket matches. Usually, the talk is about IPL clashes or international matches between the strongest squads. However, the huge variety of available bets can be grouped into 6 subcategories.

online cricket betting

Match winner or tied game

The simplest and most effective pick, especially for newcomers. Coefficients usually show the pre-match situation and potential winner. Such a choice will be great for both new bettors and experienced ones who just want to keep their emotions higher when watching the game. If the game presents the ability to choose a tied game, it automatically means a more competitive battle.

Series/outright winner

Another type of wager is based on simple variants to choose from. However, it can be called the prediction of outcomes’ series. Such an approach means lower chances to win but higher odds at the same time. Also, it can be compared to the dispute among the friends, who try to show higher competency level and are ready to wait for the overall result for more than a couple of hours.

Top batsman/bowler

That is the favourite variant for the fans who follow individuals in the game. Personal statistics have become very popular in recent years, and bookmakers are using them correctly. Even though cricket is a team game, some players are ready to surprise on a regular basis and make the game’s watching process more pleasant. Who knows, maybe people just love to compare themselves with top sportsmen and make predictions on the gut feeling?

Batsman Contest

The logic of the previous section found its continuation in this type of bet. Tons of individual stats turned cricket games into the contest of particular players. That becomes especially interesting when the upcoming match is a tough rivalry. In this case, the shape of the leaders and their ability to lead the whole team become way important.

Innings over/under/handicap

As the main section of every cricket battle is innings, the results of each one are the core for every online betting site in India. Dozens of picks, however, require deeper knowledge of the game. Simultaneously, experienced wagerers are ready to learn statistics in order to find attractive coefficients.


Live bets

This category summarises the previous ones and gives the ability to change the choice or catch a safety bet. Live wagers got a separate type to discuss due to the specific attitude towards them. Many cricket fans can see the tendencies just after the game starts and prefer only live bets. However, it also requires double attentiveness of the punters.

Explaining tips for online betting cricket

The issue of pre-match betting tips is tightly related to the desire to increase live online cricket betting rates. Indeed, more information before the game and wider knowledge about cricket give more chances to make the right wager. There are three major elements that should be known before the match to make a more accurate prediction:

Teams’ shape

That is the most important aspect that influences the battle’s outcome. Moreover, the individual shape of major stars usually defines the odds provided by bookmakers. That is why a cricket tipster or bettor should know even more to make the right prediction. Here the statistics and latest games are playing a major role. Of course, the comparison of the competing squads is also made at this stage. So, if you found your prediction’s probability higher than a bookie’s one, choose the needed odds and make a wager.

One of the highest odds for cricket matches you can find at This bookie is well-adjusted for the Indian market and attracts a lot of new players with their huge bonuses.

Venue specifics

The conditions related to the stadium have a complex effect. First of all, the home team always has an advantage due to the home crowd. Fans can recharge the emotions of their favourites and negatively influence an opposing squad. It becomes extremely important during brutal rivalries.

On the other side, the away team have to adjust for the pitch’s lawn conditions, which lowers their winning chances. The specifics of the venue is also critical in combination with weather conditions. Thus, higher humidity makes lawns both with more grass or soil too specifics to play on.

Weather conditions

The climate conditions always play an essential role for the outdoor game, but cricket is a bit special in this regard. While the football or tennis participants are in equal positions no matter what the weather is, choosing the side for cricket is critical.

Thus, dry and sunny conditions will force the captain to choose a batsman’s side first in order to make as many runs as possible. Higher humidity, instead, is giving more chances for bowlers to disappoint batsmen of the opposing team. Logically, the weather significantly influences a coin toss before the game as it can give an advantage in particular conditions.


The popularity of online cricket betting in India

Recently, cricket fans know that India is one of the major countries supporting and developing the game. A multimillion fanbase also means huge wagering potential, and that is why leading global bookmakers focus on India as their next destination.

According to the statistics, the Indian cricket betting market counts up to 400 million participants who bet once a month at least. Moreover, the most astonishing is the forecasted growth, which is about 20% per year. It means that Indian bettors have to be way attentive when trying new bookies. The huge wagering interest usually goes in parallel with the immense amount of scammers.

If you still don’t know where to make bets on cricket in India safely, visit That is a trusted international wagering brand with huge bonuses and an extensive odds line, especially for cricket.

Roots of game’s spread

Also, India seems to be the primary location for cricket development at the moment, and the game has come to the country with the British invasion. In cricket’s motherland, England, the game was known at the end of the 16 century. In just a century after invention, betting on cricket became even more popular and interesting among the local elite than the game itself.

The first half of the 18th century became the starting point for cricket history in India. When Britishers crossed two oceans and landed in the country, the game started to gain vast popularity. To understand the timeline better, there was still one century needed to create and confirm the first football rules.

Even though football became more popular in the UK over the years, the preferences of Indians remained the same. The local citizens prefer cricket, which creates perfect conditions for creating strong teams inside the state. Thus, the Indian national cricket squad has been among the strongest in the world for decades. However, the primary source of pride for the local cricket fans is the IPL (Indian Premier League). The tournament is the most viewable and toughest club competition in the world, which is well sold even overseas.

How to find a reliable cricket wagering site?

A detailed guide on how to choose the best online betting sites in India is already available on our website. Nonetheless, let’s make a short recap of the most critical aspects to pay attention to when choosing the bookmaking platform:

  1. License. To bet safely in India, one has to look for the bookie with overseas permission. Usually, Curacao or Maltese licenses are the confirmation of the reliability of the wagering platform.
  2. Payment specifics. The main rule is the presence of the local currency and a widespread paying system. Thus, online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees and with PayTM are the primary features to rely on.
  3. Broad odds line. Indians prefer cricket and football as the major sports to wager on. It means that a broad line of coefficients for these sports are a must for bookmakers that want to conquer the local market.
  4. Attractive promotions. Being one of the major triggers for players, wagering bonuses became really attractive and profitable for usage. So, choosing the online betting sites with big welcome offers is a sign of the bookie’s credibility and stable financial background.
  5. Platform’s functionality. This item is complex and includes the elements like smooth functioning and live support. You should also look at the mobile app presence to increase personal flexibility while making bets.

Taking into consideration all the elements of the reliable bookmaking website, we can recommend Bons. By visiting, you’ll receive a unique welcome bonus proposition for the first five deposits. In total, it can be worth up to 4 lakh rupees!

FAQ about Cricket Betting Tips

  • Are cricket betting tips really effective?

    Yes, the best tipsters provide deep analysis and suggest great odds or reliable outcomes for betting.

  • What is the difference between paid and free cricket betting tips?

    In terms of effectiveness, the contrast between paid and free of charge betting tips is almost absent. In terms of the price, everything depends on your belief in the magic of paid forecasts.

  • How to win using cricket betting tips?

    Try some forecasts on betting platforms after a detailed analysis and review of the most authoritative tips concerning cricket matches.

  • How to play cricket betting tips?

    Cricket betting tips can be confirmed only when the game is played. Try to follow tipsters that are giving the most comprehensive analysis and prediction.

  • How to play online cricket betting in India?

    To make an online cricket bet, you have to choose a reliable bookmaker, register there, and enjoy the game.

  • How to win more when betting on cricket?

    You have to understand and learn more about the cricket betting tips and love the game as it is.

  • What are the bookies' features that work with Indian players?

    The preferable bookmakers for Indian bettors should have a license, accept rupees and PayTM, and present a broad odds line for cricket and football. Sometimes, bonuses can help to choose a more attractive proposition.

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