Online Betting on Sports in India: Tips, Features & Specifics

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Indians know that online betting has evolved into a promising field for real money earning. By learning specific tips and tricks that are common for Indian sports, everyone can start earning cash in a matter of minutes. We’ll gladly help you to move through the betting jungle in the series of supporting materials, while this article is a short introduction to the topic.

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Main features of online sports betting

The wide spreading of online betting transformed this joy into a profitable activity. People worldwide are making real money as the variety of tips and tricks have evolved, and an experienced bettor knows how to increase his deposit quickly. In this regard, betting in India presents a massive cluster of opportunities as the local market is rather specific and has become a perfect place to top up the wallet.

Why is online betting gaining momentum?

Several factors facilitate the growth of sports betting online:

  • Making online bets is a fast and easy process. The spread of smartphones and mobile internet opened plenty of opportunities. Now almost everyone can watch sports events online from smartphones and make a needed bet in a matter of seconds by opening a preferable betting app. No need to go to the betting shop and wait for the events – everything is at hand.
  • People better understand sporting events. While the evolution of competitions isn’t quick, more and more people can gain in-depth knowledge of the particular sport or event. More information and statistics about the matchup helps to make more precise online betting predictions.
  • Flexible payments for everyone. The development of cryptocurrencies boosted the global payment systems by giving more flexibility to the process. Faster transactions, lower fees, and higher privacy levels – all those features are already implemented in the online betting industry.
  • Higher transparency in all directions. Online sports betting is a phenomenon that is becoming more and more legalized across the globe. Governments of most states prefer controlling the bookmaking firms and gaining profits instead of spending costs fighting against them. It has led to better protection of all the sides, especially of the players, which now can be sure that all the winnings will be paid out.
  • Betting is a unique form of joy. Actually, it should be the first reason to mention. Human evolution was accompanied by an interest in competitions and related excitement. After a hard-working day, many people gladly bet on a favourite team to receive extra interest while watching the match. Moreover, all this can be finalized with a victory and cash bonus – isn’t it a perfect ending of the day?

The role of mobile apps in developing online bets

Mobile betting became extremely popular not accidentally. Smartphones have already replaced PCs and dozens of other gadgets for people. Bettors can watch live sporting events 24/7, have access to the advanced statistics and make bets in a few clicks. Moreover, this betting direction still develops, transforming mobile phones into a primary method of making bets.

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Not surprisingly, modern mobile cricket betting apps have a better user experience compared to a traditional web interface. A smaller screen displays only the needed information without overloading a person with unnecessary data. People unconsciously prefer using smartphones as it’s better to have everything at hand. Those who are making bets and paying for goods via smartphone will unlikely change such a suitable approach.

Online betting tips: types and specifics

Although making sports predictions seems to be an easy process (choose a heavy favourite and bet on it), one should consider plenty of hidden aspects. They even should be divided into several categories with dozens of options in each. Amid the most common directions are the following:

  • How to choose the right bookmaker company
  • Basic rules before starting online betting activity
  • Specifics of online wagering
  • Betting tips for pros
  • Understanding the Indian sports market

Moreover, all the items inside each category can be described in more detail and become a topic for a separate article. To start with, we’ll explain the tip of the iceberg and describe the major aspects.

12 golden rules to know before making an online bet

As the conversation about the best online betting tips can be endless, we’ll start with the basic set of rules every bettor should follow:

  1. Choose a reliable bookmaker (an approved company with the highest odds and fastest withdrawing).
  2. Use bonus offers while gaining experience (betting firms give numerous options in terms of bonuses).
  3. Bet on the sports you know the most about (or try to learn as much as possible about it).
  4. Avoid wagering your whole bank on a single event (no more than 10% or even 5% of the entire bank per bet).
  5. Prefer single bets instead of accumulators and systems (more events mean higher chances to lose).
  6. Watch the events you’ve bet on (it helps to understand if the chosen wagering strategy and analysis was right or wrong).
  7. Dive into statistics (there are plenty of historical tendencies that can be helpful).
  8. Explore pre match conditions as much as you can (injuries, teams’ psychological conditions, weather – all these influences the outcome).
  9. Try bets on live events (a lot of pre match conditions become visible just after the start of the game, so help make the right decisions).
  10. Choose a single strategy and follow it (don’t panic if your bet was wrong – check the strategy on the distance).
  11. Betting online is a marathon, not a sprint (avoid emotions and all-in bets, your target should be a long distance).
  12. Wagering is a hobby and should be a joyful process (a couple of misses shouldn’t change your lifestyle and emotional balance, losses are inevitable).
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Online betting in India: games and trends

Being the second most populated country in the world, India seems to be one of the unique countries in terms of online betting sites and their specifics. A fast-growing land with a rich history has a rather specific attitude towards sports, which is imprinted in the behaviour of Indian bettors. Thus, it’s hard to find another country where the betting interest towards cricket is higher than football, while kabaddi easily beats boxing and fighting in terms of popularity.

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The legal side of online wagering in India

India doesn’t have a unified law concerning gambling, so all the states have the right to allow or forbid betting activity separately. At the same time, the states try to implement complete regulation in this regard and launch licensing procedures for betting sites in India. At the moment, one of the safest ways to earn real money is to make online bets in India. Most states allow overseas companies to operate in the country if they proceed with payments in rupees (₹). So, if you can visit the best betting site without any restrictions and suggest rupees as the payment currency – the job is half done.

However, one should be way attentive towards the licenses of the betting companies that are developing betting apps. As the country doesn’t provide its own licensing procedure, every player has to look at the permission origin. Among the most reliable destinations are Curacao, Malta, and Gibraltar, which confirm the legality of the bookmaker and its reputation.

Online betting games popular in India

  1. Cricket. The overwhelming popularity of the IPL (Indian Premier League) and strong national cricket team makes this sport a dominant one in the country. Indians love cricket more than football, which imprints online betting id traditions in the south-Asian country. Indians use some cricket betting tips, useful betting tips to bet in IPL betting app.
  2. Football. A bit unexpected to see the world’s most popular game outside the top spot, but football is still the favourite choice for local citizens. Indeed, that is the historical outcome as India was under British ruling for decades. Thus, UEFA tournaments and the English Premier League are among the favourable competitions.
  3. Basketball. Another globally famous sport is also at the top in India, especially the strongest leagues like the NBA (National Basketball Association).
  4. Boxing and UFC. The popularity of fighting sports isn’t surprising and doesn’t depend on the geographical location. Indians also like to bet online on top fighting events, including boxing matches and UFC clashes.
  5. Esports. Just like the global trend, India shows tremendous interest in cybersports in terms of betting. Among the most popular games are CS:GO, Dota2, LoL, Fortnite, and of course, Cyber Cricket.
  6. Traditional local sports. Asians like their traditional sports and kabaddi is among them. Thus, Indians watch the Super Kabaddi League and support the national team during the World Cup.

5 facts to remember about Indian online betting

  1. Online betting in India is legal (except for some states), but you should pay attention to the bookmakers with reliable licenses and rupees as the currency for financial transactions.
  2. India has its own sporting traditions, which influence the interest of local citizens concerning betting. Thus, you can find a massive line for online cricket betting as the most popular sport, while football or basketball is less popular among the bettors and mostly rely on overseas competitions to form the odds line.
  3. Mobile online betting is the dominant sector as the spread of smartphones and betting apps suitability are the major trends in the niche. So, if you have a smartphone, you can easily find the best betting firm with a suitable application to start earning real money.
  4. If you are a newcomer – don’t hesitate to learn the basic set of rules. We’ve made a list of 12 golden rules to start with.
  5. Pay attention to the bonuses and other attractive propositions the bookmaker is suggesting. It will help to save money at the beginning or increase profits if you are an experienced player.

Frequently asked questions about online betting

  • 🏅 Is online betting legal in India?

    Yes, online betting is legal in India, except for some states that prohibit this activity.

  • 🥇 How to do online betting in India?

    To make an online bet in India, you have to register on the trusted bookmaker website, deposit some money, and make bets.

  • 🥈 How to do online betting?

    Online betting means wagering on some events in the digital form, including web versions or mobile applications developed by the bookmaker.

  • 🥉 How online betting works?

    Online betting is similar to traditional betting shops, but all the financial transactions and bets are digital and processed on the servers.

  • 🏏 How to play online betting in India?

    To play online betting in India, you should have an internet connection and the device to reach a digital bookmaker: a smartphone or personal computer.

  • ⚽ How to earn money online betting?

    Online betting means wide opportunities for money-earning. You have to bet some cash on a particular event, and if your prediction were correct – you’d receive money.

  • 🏆 Which is the best online betting site in India?

    There are lots of online betting sites in India, while we recommend due to its reliability, broad odds lines, and best bonuses for its users.