Choosing Cricket Betting Apps for Indian Wagerers

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A unique characteristic of Indian bettors is their passion for cricket. In this regard, all the bookmakers who want to come and conquer the Indian market have to adjust their mobile app for online cricket betting first of all. Read our review of the best cricket betting sites and cricket betting apps in India.

Without a doubt, the other critical elements like massive bonuses, polite customer support, modern and thorough UI-UX (user interface & experience) must be developed. That is why we propose readers visit – a betting place with all the aspects above realized on the highest level.

Why do Indians use online cricket betting app?

Indian cricket is a favourite sport for many people in India, and it has become popular enough that the country’s best players can compete on an international level when they’re done with school. The same trend seems to happen across other categories too – from youth leagues all way through adult professional scenes!

Indian Premier League has taken first place as the most-watched cricket tournament on Earth. With viewers all over India willing to pay serious money for it, organizers are able offer high salaries which attract top players from around world who help make their local competition seem more spectacular than ever before – making this an excellent opportunity not only domestically but also internationally where young people will have a chance at achieving global success within our country itself!

The Indian market has always been very sporting in nature and that’s why betting is one of the most popular activities to take part. As an entertaining option, it’s easy for people from other countries who don’t know much about this culture but enjoy watching their sports teams compete on TV or read up any information they can get hands-on with before placing bets! This intersection between & cricket popularity led us into having many types if tips including football predictions as well–which are just perfect because there’ll .  and apps in India.

Let’s have a look at the major elements in the chain of a betting cricket app popularity:

Availability to play anytime in Cricket Betting Apps

Wagering is a great way to get in on the action whenever and wherever you want. The benefits of wagering make it an attractive option for people who value convenience, which will only grow with mobile technology!

Read our Dafabet app review.

Cricket Betting Apps

Live sports betting has always been an exciting prospect for bettors. With the changing environment, new opportunities present themselves daily to those who are attentive and quick-thinking enough to take advantage of them before others do! The best app allows you not just watch but also place wagers on your favorite teams – combining viewer satisfaction with more precise earnings since there’s no waiting around when it comes time make a decision about what match will be played next in real life

Easy and fast use

Another defining feature of applications is their usability. The recent stage of mobile phones development reached the point of great capacity for a low price. It makes the work of web developers easier. They can create great UI-UX products, which are really pleasant to use with one hand.

It is no secret that Indian sports bettors love to gamble and it’s not surprising when you look at the number of apps available. This time around I’ll be reviewing one such application, “Best Cricket Betting App In India”. There are dozens if not hundreds feedbacks from satisfied users who can’t recommend this enough!

In practice, the most popular apps are thorough and mirror the functionality of the betting sites (and online betting sites) functionality. Sometimes, a mobile version can be even more comfortable to use due to navigation’s specifics on smartphones.

One of the best instances in this regard is bookie. The ease of using their application is similar to web browsing of their main page, while the chances to win more due to the highest bonuses in India make the process even more pleasurable.

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Push notifications in Cricket Betting Apps

A unique element in the chain of mobile usage features. The presence of the application on the device automatically means push messages that are useful for both sides. The owner of the app receives an effective tool to inform customers. The latter, in turn, can use an automatic reminder about the most interesting matches and personalized suggestions.

As the wagering specifics can be compared to making injections, push messages are the needle in this process. Zero margins for a particular cricket battle, special expert’s opinion, and betting tips before the playoff game, or the global trend before the match – everything can be the source of the interesting idea and right prediction. That is why using the best betting app in India for cricket can be extremely effective.


The ability to have wider access to the existing opportunities is one of the major targets nowadays for humanity. Mobile apps are among the most critical elements in the discussed process. Everyone knows that the account on the smartphone is the key to diverse doors.

It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of the account in a web version or on a costly iOS device. You can always download cricket betting apps and the IPL betting app for Android in India and don’t lose access to the balance. The vice versa situation is also possible: you can easily sell an Android smartphone and turn to other platforms without any obstacles.

Review of cricket betting apps

Before determining the most suitable betting app for cricket, let’s look at the pros and cons. The following paragraphs are dedicated to explaining positive and negative elements in more detail. The conclusions will be based on the analysis of the top betting sites in India that also have apps.

The portrait of the best cricket betting apps

Although the discussion of the benefits can be an annoying process, let’s have a look at the essential elements that should be present in every application for making bets. Nothing new but a reminder always helps to make things clearer:


The opening element in the list of most important aspects of online betting apps for cricket is user interface & experience. In simple words, you have to download the application and feel satisfied with buttons and colours even on the installing stage. Human eyes are rather specific and influence our perception a lot. It means that even the background colours and size of the buttons help to form a perception while we just surf or read. If the first minutes of using the app were boring or made you feel uncomfortable, that’s a bad sign.

Odds line

Of course, the majority of Indian bettors will definitely visit the page with bets on cricket matches. Those users will seek the IPL clashes and analyze the odds line and margins. That’s OK, as the comparison of theoretical and practical information helps to make the right choice. Especially when we are talking about the process of seeking the best app for wagering.

Payment options

Another element that has to satisfy you from the first seconds of opening an appropriate tab. Even though the variety of paying ways can be limited for the mobile version, you have to find the needed ones immediately. Thus, an Indian wagerer should be able to deposit with rupees and the ability to use PayTM. Of course, if you are interested in PayPal or cryptocurrencies, pay attention to the needed options as well.

Customer support

There are dozens of reasons that can lead to the app’s crash, starting with problems with a device and ending with the application’s upgrade. When it happens just during forming an accumulator for a cricket tournament that should start in a few minutes – that’s a disaster. You have to be able to contact the service department for a refund or rapid bug fixing. The numbers like 24 and 7 should be divided with a slash to be sure your request will be processed immediately.

Exclusive bonuses

Possible limitations to apply promotions can be a disaster for those who use only smartphones for wagering. That is why all the advertised bonuses must be available on a small screen.

For instance, it would be unfortunate to lose up to 4 lakh rupees in welcome payments just because of the app’s inconsistency. Luckily, this promotion isn’t virtual and can be used by everyone who will try Bons bookmaker now.

Drawbacks of online cricket betting apps

To exclude any illusion towards mobile betting apps usage, let’s review the negative sides:

Screen size

The first and undeniable element to mention. The wagering activity is always linked to the analytical process with tons of stats and graphs to review before making a decision. Some experts prefer using a few monitors 24″ at least while learning a similar amount of data. It’s impossible to imagine how the mobile screen can become a replacement in such a case. At the same time, leading bookies try to make the statistics page better adjusted for mobile usage, but it’s still far from a really suitable target.

betting app

Limited functionality

All the bookmakers understand the previous item and so sometimes are ready to simplify some tabs or functionality. Sometimes it’s the limited odds line; in other cases, that is an absence of full statistics. Connecting dozens of paying methods directly for mobile use can also be a trouble. That is why you should look attentively at the possibilities of the betting site in India and its application before starting using it.

Live streams’ absence

That’s another more technical feature but should be discussed separately. Live streaming in HD quality isn’t a problem for mobile devices and applications, but combining it with a heavy betting app can cause many obstacles. On the other side, the top cricket competitions like IPL are blocking illegal streams of their matches to try to attract as many paid subscriptions as possible. These aspects are the core reason not to expect vast sports’ live streaming while using betting apps.

Cricket betting app India uses the most

The phenomenon of betting is tightly linked to the ability to earn the most. In the long run, the issue of odds variety and lower margins plays a major role. At the same time, promotions can also create a springboard to double or even triple the balance sheet. Luckily for Indian bettors who love cricket, they have an undeniable leader –

Why do Indians use Bons to bet on cricket?

The bookie combines all the needed elements for both professional and amateur punters from India. The list of their advantages is pretty impressive:

  • massive odds lines (hundreds of picks for cricket and football games)
  • the biggest bonuses (up to 4 lakh rupees, twice bigger than the closest competitor)
  • low margins (less than 5% for top events)
  • 365/25/7 live support
  • broad paying options (Indian banking cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies)

Explaining best cricket betting app download process (register→ bonus)

To start earning on cricket wagers, you have to visit Bons website. There you can find the link for the mobile version of the site and download it. Sometimes, you have to disable the automatic blocking of unknown files to make installation possible. If you downloaded a file from the bookie’s site – you can be sure that everything is OK.

The simplest way to activate the aforementioned offers is to register at It will automatically open access to the welcome propositions and double your chance of winning.

Betting Apps Guide for Indian Wagerers

Smartphones gave us immense opportunities and facilitated eCommerce due to suitability. The betting industry stands at the forefront of this trend. That is why millions of players are seeking the best wagering app to download and use. Nonetheless, there are dozens of elements related to the applications’ use and location specifics. This online guide is dedicated to bringing more clarity for Indian bettors of what to know before choosing the best wagering app. For those who want to join the most reliable bookmaker with a suitable mobile tool – look at This trustworthy bookie offers up to 4 lakh rupees in welcome bonuses, has 24/7 live support, and pleasantly surprises with odds lines for cricket.

Why do people prefer using a betting app instead of the web?

None is surprised because of the popularity of wagering apps’. However, why has this way of making bets become so popular? What puts the most pressure on the betting shops and web versions, so they are losing in clients’ numbers? Are there any psychological or technical preconditions that led to such a trend? Let’s go step-by-step.

Smartphones dominate eCommerce

Mobile devices easily conquered the whole eCommerce sector, including the betting one. At the beginning of smartphones’ popularity, brands were adjusting web pages for mobile users. However, the recent trend is to develop a separate mobile application that will cover all the needed functionality.

Such an approach gives users smooth functioning and perfect suitability. The technical development of smartphones will bring renewed mobile tools and the improvement of the existing apps. The wagering sector, as usual, will be at the forefront of suchlike changes.

Ability to check coefs and bet on the go

Mobile betting apps have given punters the opportunity to place bets anytime and anywhere. The suitability of portative devices means that we can make decisions on our own, without needing an appointment or being tied down by something else in life; this includes gambling as well! That’s why it is important for those who want top up their wallet regularly while wagering at sports events (and also like playing optimistically) check coefficients before placing any possible licences fees- there may come times when these will pay off handsomely with increased earnings from short increments

Usability and user experience

On the one hand, mobiles’ suitability is directly linked with the apps’ popularity, but the real reason is quite different. The majority of the latest applications are very friendly for usage and enjoying this process. The screen size delivers only the needed information, doesn’t overload the perception, and proposes only a few buttons not to confuse an individual.

Mobile developers went through numerous obstacles to achieve such an astonishing result. Starting with colour combinations’ picking process and finishing with the buttons’ forms – everything now is usable enough. Sometimes, mobile versions of particular bookmaking platforms are much better adjusted for the true needs of wagerers than a website.

Push notifications

People can be annoyed with push notifications on their smartphones, but some of the existing ones are trying to deliver beneficial info. In online sports betting, pop-ups and push notes are rather an advantage than a drawback. Short messages take seconds to read and make a decision: open or close it.

There is no doubt that an Indian punter will be happy to receive a message that a particular IPL battle will be suggested with a zero margin. A reminder about the important game, exclusive bonus proposition, or professional advice about the upcoming clash – all these aspects can help in winning more. This useful tip isn’t available on the other betting approaches.

Flashy loading and login procedure

An undeniable leader in mobile app’s usability is the speed of entering an account. Checking a particular coefficient for the game usually takes up to 10 seconds, with a few moments to proceed with a suitable bet. Such an opportunity is also beneficial while watching live competitions.

The regarded principles are the core of how Bons application for mobile betting is built. The bookmaker knows the pains and needs of Indian bettors, so suggests a broad odds line for cricket and is friendly with rupee payments. The amount and variety of promotions on is something you can’t ignore – up to 4 lakh rupees for the first five deposits, which is twice bigger than other bookies.

Online betting apps’ limits

To be honest, live betting apps also have some disadvantages that should be mentioned. Simultaneously, you should understand that it’s impossible to create a unified list of drawbacks as every application for bookmaking is quite different. Nonetheless, the list below consists of the most common aspects that we mentioned when analysed tools for mobile wagering:

  • Odds line (some bookies suggest a limited amount of bets available for portative usage)
  • Promotions’ activation (individual promo codes or bonuses sometimes are tough to activate via your mobile phone)
  • Statistics (comprehensive stats and pre-match info like slides or graph tendencies are more adjusted for the typical big monitors)
  • Watching live streams (this option requires additional resources of the phone and so is ignored by most bookies)
  • Screen size and info amount at a time (bookmaking is based on massive data amount, which is hard to deliver correctly on small screens)

Even though the list seems to be a persuasive instrument to avoid mobile betting applications, the reality is quite opposing:

  1. Bookmakers understand their applications’ weak sides and are actively trying to resolve them ASAP.
  2. The elements like the limited stats and odds line usually mean that approximately 90% of the existing and needed options can be activated with a mobile gadget at hand.
  3. Bettors often regard all the drawbacks combined as insignificant compared to the possibility to make winnable bets anytime in a matter of seconds.

How to choose the best betting app

betting apps

The decision to bet via a smartphone often goes as the second step after choosing an online sports betting site. Digital wagering leaders traditionally propose nice applications to potential customers. So, let’s review the major elements you should consider when seeking the best betting site in India:

  • Legal side (check the license origin and legitimacy to work with India)
  • Banking variants (PayTM & rupees are the musts)
  • Promotions (more bonuses mean wider options to win)
  • Odds and margins (broad odds line and low margins will help to earn in long perspective)
  • Customer support (the best way to deal with unexpected worries is to have the opportunity to contact the help centre 24/7)
  • User experience (both website and version for portative devices should work smoothly)
  • Casino presence (As an additional option, it can sometimes satisfy some gamblers) has already prepared more detailed instructions that will help to find the best betting site for Indian players. Traditionally, facing some difficulties with using a mobile app of a particular bookie should not change your mind about reliable bookmaking websites. As a rule, developers resolve bugs firsthand and improve mobile applications, while the product offer is way harder to improve fast.

Specifics of the betting apps in India

To find the best online betting apps for Indian wagerers, one has to know which bookie is most respected in that country. And then we can discuss further aspects of it!

Before choosing the best sports betting app for India

So, Indian bettors shouldn’t focus on the mobile version first and instead find the bookmaking operator for a reliable game. It means that following our guide about the best betting sites in India can be helpful. In short, pay attention to license origin, paying options, odds variety, and highest bonus propositions.

Why do Indian punters use sports betting app?

Even though the spread of applications for betting on sports is huge and well-researched, the defining items of the Indian market still exist. The primary element is the paying specifics, which requires rupees (as national currency) and PayTM (as a leading e-wallet service) to be present in the portfolio. Another vital aspect is the ability to use the Hindi language on both website and application versions.

A detailed analysis of the online betting sites in India brought us to the conclusion that far not every bookie is ready to suggest the right financial options. Some bookmaking firms offer only dollars and other international currencies (including cryptocurrencies). Others didn’t add Hindi to the language variety or PayTM as India’s major e-wallet paying variant. In this case, using such online betting apps in the country becomes way harder for ordinary people.

Choosing the best betting apps in India

Traditionally for the Indian region, the odds line must include cricket competitions and top football games. These two sports create a betting core for local punters. Usually, the odds line for both games includes more than a hundred variants of bet (including line betting app variants). At the same time, the top cricket competitions like IPL or football’s best tournament, Champions League, are accompanied by even more variants for bettors.

Taking into account all the aforementioned specifics, we recommend trying This international bookmaker came to India proposing the highest possible bonuses (up to 4 lakh rupees), live multi-language support 24/7, and extensive paying options (including PayTM and diverse cryptocurrencies). The Bons application works smoothly and has a nice retro design, making the winning process more pleasant.

FAQ about Betting Apps

  • What is a betting app?

    Betting app is the technically adjusted form of online bookmaker that is suitable for usage on the go via smartphone or tablet.

  • Does the mobile app present the full functionality for betting?

    Reliable wagering apps present at least 90% of the functionality that is in the web version. However, this number is increasing.

  • How to choose the best betting app?

    From a technical point of view, betting apps are often similar. So, the main arguments lay in the plane of the offers/bonuses/odds a particular bookie can transmit via the mobile application.

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