Bons Betting

Bons Betting

In the past few months, Bons bookie's popularity has risen rapidly
  • 200% welcome bonus, 4 lakh INR
  • 19 depositing methods (INR, PayTM, crypto)
  • 12 withdrawal methods with huge limits
  • Curacao license
  • Extensive odds line for cricket & football
  • Live support 24/7
  • Cashback and loyalty program
  • Casino games from multiple providers
  • Strict verification during registration
  • Limited odds line for some sports
  • Website & app can be glitchy
  • No FAQ page


Biren Ramanathan

In the past few months, Bons bookie’s popularity has risen rapidly. This is not surprising as the 200 000 INR welcome bonus draws a lot of bettors. There are also bonuses of 195 000 INR for the 4 subsequent deposits. But is the bookmaker trustworthy enough? What other perks does it offer on the Indian betting markets? Let’s take it step-by-step and examine each element in detail.


Benefits of betting on Bons

There are many aspects of the Bons bookmaker that you can review. 

Here is a shortlist of the benefits they offer in India:

  • Up to 200% Welcome Bonus, up to 45,000 INR
  • 19 depositing methods (including INR cards, PayTM, crypto)
  • 12 withdrawal options with high limits
  • Multiple languages, including Hindi
  • Curacao license
  • For cricket and football, there are many odds
  • Live support available 24/7/365
  • Cashback and individual loyalty programs
  • Multi-provider casino games

This will serve as the basis of our review. We’ll be focusing the majority of our attention on the benefits. This list can also help us understand the country this bookie is from.

Drawbacks to Bons bookmaker

The disadvantages of Bons bets firm are just as numerous as any other bookmaker anywhere on the planet. Although the drawbacks are obvious, we will also examine them in greater detail to try and understand the root causes. 

The following points will be the basis for the cons review:

  • Strict verification during registration
  • Some sports have limited odds
  • Poor UI/UX to allow for appropriate usage
  • Website and app glitches can occur
  • There is no FAQ page

The first impression of the bookmaker has been formed. Let’s now move on to a detailed review.

Design and meaning of Bons

The checklist was mentioned already, but let’s begin with the introduction. What is the meaning of “Bons”?

bons sports betting

When we type into the search bar and enter the site, we see a dark tone (almost black) as the main color range. “Bons”, the bookie’s nickname, is designed in a pixel-like style. This brings us back to old monitors and first gaming consoles.

Bons is a gaming site that offers a variety of games. 

The menu at the top allows you to select from three different playing options:

  1. Sports betting.
  2. Live dealers
  3. Casino

We will be focusing on Bons as one of the popular betting sites in India, so we will preferably discuss the first tab. However, we will also cover the casino options at the end. The browser will take us to the traditional betting menu, with some banners at the top and a variety of sports on the left.

Most interesting is the process of transition, which explains the origins of the word “bons”. The developers and designers split the name into letters and used these letters to create short promo phrases or logos. (Capital letters refers to the full name BONS in either order)

  • Bet ON Sports
  • Bet ON Slots
  • NO Bull Shit

This last sentence contains both a modified letters’ order as well as an aggressive characteristic. It is, hopefully, true.

The sound harmony of “bons”, and “bonus” is another variant of the name’s source. This variant seems logical, considering the bonuses suggested by the respected bookmaker.

(बोनस) Bons meaning in Hindi

The Hindi word for “Bons” isn’t special. The main source of the name of the bookie comes from the letters O, N and S. These letters are used in the abbreviation and logos of promotional phrases and logos.

It shouldn’t surprise you that Bons does not have a Hindi meaning. The brand is EU registered and focuses on English-speaking audiences. Indians are fluent in English, which is a good thing.

Bons offers loyalty programs and bonuses 

It all comes down to the naming theory. Bons is the bookmaker who has made bonuses for its business card. Their Indian market welcome offer is at least twice as big as the nearest competitor. The bookie also offers attractive cashback and a lot of other special offers as part of their individual loyalty program. This will be the subject of Bons’ review.

Indian betting offers the largest welcome bonus

Don’t be scared of scams if you see the bookmaking offer for up to 200% on your first deposit and 400 000 rupees upon your first withdrawal. Bons is actually suggesting to clients an amazing bonus that can be converted to real money after meeting the usual requirements. No betting site will permit you to withdraw a bonus offer directly.

This welcome offer should be considered in greater detail. 

The total welcome bonus includes the rewards for the first five deposits:

  1. The maximum welcome bonus, or first deposit, is 2 lakh INR. It can vary from 100% to 200% depending on the amount of your 1st deposit. (Multiplying percentages will be explained below).
  2. The second offer is 30000 INR maximum and 100% to the 2nd deposit.
  3. A third deposit could bring you up to 40 000 rupees in bonuses. There is a 50% multiplier. To receive 40 000 INR bonuses, you must deposit 80K rupees.
  4. The fourth stage of the welcome bonus includes a maximum 50 000 INR and a 50% multiplier on your deposit.
  5. Maximum 75 000 welcome bonuses are available. This is 25% of your deposited money.

The multiplier interval for the first deposit is between 100 and 2000%. 

The amount of cash that you deposit to Bons will determine the percentage:

  • The welcome deposit from 500 to 5000 Rupees will be credited with 200%. A 1000 INR deposit will result in a 2000 INR bonus for the first balance sheet.
  • For welcome deposits between 5000 and 50 000 INR, 150% applies (similarly to the bonus explanation, but with a 150% multiplier).
  • Bettors who deposit more than 50000 INR will receive 100% of their first deposit. However, no more than 200 000 rupees may be added to your account during the initial depositing process.

Although it may sound complicated, it is not. Simply put, you will receive a bonus if your deposit exceeds 500 rupees at Bons. The multiplier will be 200%. Your multiplier will be increased by 150% if you deposit more money (between 5000 and 50000 INR), or 200% if you deposit 50 000 rupees more (but not more than 200 000 Indian Rupees). You can also receive welcome bonuses for your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th deposits at Bons. These bonuses are very attractive and quite pleasant.

The passage above actually explains the Bons betting site’s welcome bonus offers in detail. For more information on specific cases, visit the official site or contact their support team.

Regular clients can join the loyalty program

The welcome bonus is the most popular Bons offer, but there are many other money-making options. A loyalty program for clients who are regular customers with a personalized approach is another option to increase retention and to be friendly to customers. It’s an additional chance to win more for the bettors.

Let’s start with the basics of loyalty programs. Simply put, the more you wager, the better your loyalty status and the greater the benefits. There are seven levels in the loyalty ladder at Bons, a betting platform. Each level offers better conditions and lowers the requirements for cashback.

The following table shows how it can be shown:

StatusCashback %WagerFrequencyDepositSupportStatus checkpoints, INR
Novice5%x6Once per monthCashback up to 100%Standard service0
Regular5%x5Once per monthCashback up to 100%Standard service20 000
Bronze5%x4Once per month50% cashbackStandard service600 000
Silver6%x3Once per month50% cashbackStandard service2 500 000
Gold7.5%x2Once every 2 weeks25% cashbackVIP Service10 000 000
Platinum10%x1Once per week25% cashbackPersonal30 000 000
Ultimate12.5%x0Once per weekno depositPersonal100 000 000

Let’s explain briefly what each column actually means.


The cashback percentage is the amount one gets from losing wagers. Every newcomer gets 5% of the money lost, so every 1000 rupees will be returned to 50 rupees.

Although it may seem insufficient and small, this is still money that you can use with some restrictions. This perk is also the most appealing, except for the welcome bonuses.


Wager refers to the amount of the returned sum that should be bet in order to allow withdrawals. Let’s take the example of 1000 rupees that was lost. The bettor should place 50 rupees six more times before he can withdraw the money. The first wrong bet will result in you losing bonus money. However, if your coefficient is 3 or higher, it means that you have returned half the bonus. Cashback bonuses are usually available on additional wallets so that you don’t have to mix it with real money.


Frequency is the frequency at which a cashback offer will be available on your additional bonus wallet. This perk will be given more frequently if you have a higher status.


The deposit is often an additional requirement. Trusted bookmakers usually require that a bettor bring additional cash to the site. This amount should equal the cashback sum. Bons allows you to reduce this deposit requirement by offering a higher loyalty level and allowing you to deposit more.


Support is everything. A higher status allows you to reach live managers faster, which helps to solve problems faster.

Status upgrade checkpoints

The total amount of your bets at Bons will determine the loyalty ladder stage. It is important to note that only 100% of real money bets are included in the calculation, and only 20% of bonus offers (welcome cash back, rebate, etc.) are included. The table shows that higher status can bring great benefits, but it is difficult to reach the top.

Additional perks

Today’s gambling is characterized by a wide range of cash stimulators. Bons and cashback are not the only options. The following money-related perks are available at the highly regarded bookmaker’s website:

  • Combo boost. Because of the huge coefficients, you can achieve by combining several events into one wager, accumulation bets are very popular in betting. Bons can give you an extra boost by adding a small percentage to your overall odds. If you combine three or more bets of 1.5 coefficient (each) into an accumulator, you will receive a boost of 5% to 100% (maximum available for 20+ events).
  • Multisport tournaments. Bons is always in tune with the times. They offer daily tournaments where only the most active and successful gamblers win additional rewards. You can get a progressive prize pool, cash bonuses with no additional depositing and free bets.
  • 500% rebate. Bons offers a similar bonus to cashback but it does not apply to losses, but all real-money bets. Every wager earns you a reward. This cashback isn’t time-limited and doesn’t require any additional deposit. However, it is an estimated reward that can be used on all wagers. It can vary from 0.05% up to 0.25% depending on your status at Bons. Although it may seem like an insignificant feature, if you have a high level of success and play regularly, your total bets will surprise you at the end.
  • Free-bets, giveaways, holiday-related offers. These perks do not have a fixed formula, time period or conditions so they are listed here. This means you can receive a 1000 rupee bet free of charge for certain Indian national holidays and festivals, such as Rama Navami or Gandhi Jayanti. You can follow their Telegram channel for more information or sign up for their email newsletter.

The amount of bonuses and perks Bons offers is huge. It’s also a common practice for a trusted bookmaker who wants more attention.

Language, support, and mobile app suitability are all examples of usage.

The quality of digital product user experiences is determined by many factors. This review will focus on Bons’ language, mobile app, and customer service.

bons betting

Is Bons available for Hindi?

The short answer is yes.

One might wonder, however, why this question is so important for English-speaking customers, who are reading a review in English and not Hindi. The answer lies in how the bookmaker treats its customers.

India has two official languages, Hindi and English. The second language is rooted in India’s culture, which was influenced by the British invasion of hundreds of years ago. This language is understood by approximately 400 million people. There are many dialects of English that can be called Hinglish.

Hindi is the most common language. It is interesting to note that India has a few hundred languages. Hindi acts as a bridge language between Indians and allows them to communicate with each other. Hindi is a way for bookmakers to show their seriousness and ambitions to dominate this market.

This is related to Bons. Hindi was one of the languages the bookie added to its portfolio. This is an indicator of suitability. One can switch between the two Indian official languages. You can see that Bons also adds Hindi memes to their Indian Telegram channel.

There is a difference between Bons and other betting applications

Mobile apps are a must-have feature for any digital business. Bons has its own website, and its website can be used on mobile devices.

Comparing Bons’ app with other betting apps on mobile phones, there won’t be much difference. The first element of the design is predominantly black on the respected bookmaker’s app and website. Although the functionality is slightly different in the mobile version, it is still a standard story for both web and app. The app runs smoothly and all elements such as match statistics and money transactions are accessible on the phone. You can use Bons mobile app to bet and you will be completely satisfied with its functionality.

Customer service

Although this review might not seem important to some bettors it is still worth your attention. Every modern business with a large number of clients or digital money transactions will encounter problems.

For example, details about promotion campaigns may sound strange to someone. Incorrect information at registration can lead to lengthy or frozen money transactions. Perhaps someone simply wants to learn more about his loyalty status but can’t find the game they want.

Support can resolve all these problems. Live chat without bots is a great option. Bons recognize this and provide live support 24/7 for all their clients. They are available to assist anyone who requires it. This is a positive sign that should be acknowledged.

Is it legal and suitable to bet at Bons in India?

Licensing is a key question in the world of betting. Some states have their own licensing centers that approve all land-based and online betting firms. This ensures bettors are able to use safe gambling options. Other countries can rely on licenses issued by internationally recognized destinations. This also checks the credibility and reliability of the bookmaker.

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Specifics about India’s betting license

India is one of the countries that chose to go the second route. There is not a new law regarding digital betting. The Public Gambling Act of 1867 did not include any description of online bookies. The Indian government granted the authority to each state to determine its betting status.

Many states still use the old document that forbids gambling on land. It does allow digital wagering. While some territories have banned electronic gambling, others allow land-based casinos or bookmakers. The website of your state government will provide more information.

Bons license

Bons holds a Curacao gambling license, which allows him to offer betting services. Curacao, although it is not a large country and is likely to be unknown, is one of the most sought-after destinations for gambling licenses around the world.

Curacao is considered a more restrictive destination for registering a betting company than Curacao. While Maltese fees can be used for international work, Curacao’s fees are more suitable and offer better conditions for bettors. A Maltese license for a betting site means more profit margins and fewer promotion campaigns. A Curacao gambling license owner can receive higher odds and bonuses due to the lower fees that it pays. There is usually no difference in reliability between the licensing centers, and it all depends on the bookmaker, not the permission origin.

Bons offers payment options for Indians

When reviewing a new bookmaker, some bettors focus their attention on the payments. It makes sense, as money transactions are important. Customers who are willing to place bets on live events, where every second counts, will feel more comfortable if this element is faster and more flexible. Let’s take a look at Bons from both depositing and withdrawing perspectives.

Depositing variety

Trusted online betting sites offer a variety of depositing options as well as immediate transactions. Let’s look at the Indian market and Bons deposit options.

  • Banking (VISA/MASTERCARD, RuPay, NetBanking, NetBanking, RuPay)
  • Indian e-wallets: UPI, PayTM, PhonePe
  • Global services (Neteller, Skrill, AstroPay, ecoPayz, MuchBetter)
  • Cryptocurrencies (TetherERC20 and TetherTRC20): Bitcoin, Ethereum Ripple, Litecoin, and Cardano

Indian bettors have access to 19 depositing options. There are also four types of deposit methods, which is a great sign of diversity.

This diversity allows gamblers to choose between privacy and speed. Bank methods, for example, are less secure because debit and credit cards can be used to leak more information. This method, however, is simpler and has lower fees. Cryptoes guarantee anonymity but higher conversions and transactions can lead to higher fees. This makes it a difficult process for those who don’t have a crypto wallet. Both local and global e-wallet services in India seem to offer a middle ground when it comes to security, fees, and complicated usage.

Bons has a lot of great deposit options for Indian players. You can choose from four different categories to decide how you want your money to move in terms of speed, privacy and fees.

Options for withdrawal

It is quite paradoxical that money withdrawal options are always less than deposit methods. 

Bons follows the trend of other bookmakers and recommends “only” 12 types of withdrawal:

  • Banking (NetBanking and IMPS)
  • Indian e-wallets (PayTM).
  • Global services (Skrill, EcoPayz, MuchBetter)
  • Cryptocurrencies: Ripple (Bitcoin), Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin; TetherERC20, TetherTRC20.

The crypto-direction is the best choice, as it is most private and secure. It does not have to worry about money coming in, which is always a target of fiscal service.

Bons offers all four types, but only the first three are available. Cryptoes, however, is the most unpredictable way to withdraw winnings.

Bons offers odds for betting on sports and cricket

Expert bettors pay close attention to the odds height as well as the availability of sports competitions. Higher coefficients can lead to higher long-term winnings, while wide odds lines for an event open up more opportunities to place profitable bets. Let’s take a look at these aspects and see how Bons is prepared to handle the most popular sports in India, particularly cricket.

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Odds height and event variability

You can use a calculator to determine if Bons has the right odds. The probability that a certain outcome will occur in a given situation is often represented by the odds. A typical cricket match has two outcomes. One team wins, and the other loses. Test cricket matches, however, are a tie-breaking event. Simple math and logic will tell you that the sum probability of winning the match should be 100%. Let’s say team 1 has 58% and team 2 has 42%.

Bons and other bookmakers often underestimate the probability of match outcomes so the sum probability of the game is higher than 100%. Bookies often offer cricket matches with theoretical probabilities of 58% and 42%, respectively. The bookmaker took 2.6% on every outcome probability. This means that his profit, also known as “margin”, for a cricket match is 2.6+2.6=5.2%. It will be 1.65 for team 1 and 2.24 for team 2. These numbers represent multipliers of the amount you wager. If you bet 1000 rupees on Team One and it wins, you will receive 1650 INR. The successful prediction and victory for Team Two will bring you 2240 INR.

What is the value of the Bons 5.6% margin? This is just one example of the cricket game Bons has to offer. The bookie can make only 4.4% profit on other clashes. It is about a 5% margin on average, which is the norm in the betting industry.

Furthermore, margins can vary from one sport to the next. For example, tennis and cricket are two-outcome events while football is usually three. The bookmaker can increase margins to prevent losing rare bets if the league is not popular.

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IPL betting at Bons: The flagman of cricket

Everyone who follows cricket knows which tournament is the most difficult. Indians are proud to host the IPL, a competition that is similar in format to a franchise with some of the most talented cricketers. The Indian Premier League was inspired by the North American example where NBA, NHL, and NFL dominate hockey, basketball, and football. IPL is all about the strongest players, draft picks, and highest salaries.

Bons has a wide range of odds to play IPL games and make IPL betting, and also offers promotional campaigns that are specifically targeted at it. 

Bons also covers the following tournaments and events:

  • All international cricket (Tests and T20Is), ODIs, World Cups, and qualifying games for these competitions
  • Indian domestic tournaments (Ranji and Vijay Hazare; Syed Mushtaq Ali; and other trophies).
  • The world’s top leagues: Australia Big Bash League for men & women, Pakistan Super League (for men and women), Natwest T20 Blast and the Caribbean Premier League, Abu Dhabi T10 League, and others.
  • Simulated cricket leagues

A lot of cricket matches are available every day for fans of the game, with many of them having high odds of winning.

There are many options for betting on football

Predictably, football is India’s second most popular sport. Bons as a Bet365 offers a wide range of events. There are many matches each day in football, with only a handful of possible outcomes for each match.

The following are some of the most well-known and popular football competitions:

  • Top European local tournaments (EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1)
  • International European club competitions (Champions Europa, Conference Leagues, and Europa)
  • Battles between national teams (World Cups, EUROs, Asian, Concacaf, Conmebol Cups, Concacaf Cups, Concacaf Cups, Concacaf Cups, Concacaf Cups, Concacaf Cup)
  • Indian domestic events (Indian Super League and I-League; Santosh Trophy).
  • Other championships and friendly matches

Indians love football so they are familiar with the most popular tournaments around the world. Bons is an ideal match in this regard due to its odds height and diversity of events.

Tennis at the top in individual sports

Bons presents many sports, but Indian tennis is the most popular. Despite not having any notable achievements in this sport the Indians enjoy watching top tennis matches, particularly Grand Slams tournaments.

Bons is willing to satisfy those who are able to predict the outcome of top boxing or MMA matches. The bookmaker also offers odds and a variety of events for individual sports.

Indian bettors may also find other sports interesting

It is difficult to list all of the sports Bons covers. Let’s just try to highlight the most important. Bons covers basketball, volleyball, horse racing, and table tennis. Some of these sports are not as popular as others, so the odds of winning can be low.

Bons casino is an additional option

Betting is just another form of gambling. If a person cannot find the right betting option for his favorite sport, he may be able to go to a virtual gambling site and make some money. Bons is one of the companies that recognize this and provides additional entertainment options without having to travel to another location.

Particulars about Bons casino

Bons casino is a notable section in the digital gambling sector. It works well with many casino game providers. Clients can search for the right storytelling slot, or join an exciting room for roulette or blackjack playing.

How is Bons casino login different from the one for betting sites

This is the same as other bookmakers with poker rooms, blackjack, and roulette.

There are negative aspects to Bons

Let’s take a look at the negative aspects of the initial beginning:

  1. Strict verification during registration. This is a two-sided approach. Although the lengthy and complicated registration process can be frustrating, it ensures that nothing negative will occur during withdrawal. Many firms offering one-click registration only focus on making money from you. Money-returning procedures can be a nightmare. Bons chose the first option, where it takes only a few minutes to make money transfers faster and more secure. This is a win-win situation for both parties.
  2. Some sports have limited odds. This is true for esports such as table tennis and esports. There are only a handful of odds available, without handicaps or totals. Bons is making progress in this direction. If you are interested in any sport or competition, Bons will find ways to increase the odds.
  3. Poor UX/UI for appropriate usage. It’s true that the tabs, links and other elements are large. Bons is trying to improve the situation and provides regular updates.
  4. Sometimes website and app glitches can occur. This is another aspect that is under constant development by Bons developers. It gets better over time. There are still issues when it comes to finding the right league or switching between tabs.
  5. There is no FAQ page. Bons might be willing to try their live chat instead. It seems a little strange, though.

FAQ about Bons

  • What is Bons?

    Bons is a well-known betting and casino site that conquers new markets through amazing bonuses and other attractive offers.

  • Is Bons legal to practice in India?

    Yes, Bons is legalized in Indian states that allow online gambling.

  • How can I withdraw money from Bons India?

    There are 12 ways to withdraw money from Bons. These include banking options, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency options.

  • How can I contact Bons in India?

    Bons can be used in India without any additional services or tricks. You may also choose to use Hindi instead.

  • How do you place a bet on Bons

    You will need to register, deposit money and then be able to place and withdraw winnings.

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