Betting on Football: Is Bons Suitable Enough for This?

Betting on Football: Is Bons Suitable Enough for This?

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Biren Ramanathan

Is betting on football at Bons suitable?

The advantages and drawbacks of Bons show the general picture about the bookmaker. However, it’s much more exciting to delve into the details and review how this online betting platform comes to the real football betting offers. We’ll review three key aspects related directly to betting on football at Bons and mark them separately, with the overall summing up at the end.

Betting on Football

Football odds line review

The first and foremost element of betting on football is the odds variety. The most popular game is probably the best-adjusted in this regard, and advanced bookmakers usually propose hundreds of odds grouped into multiple directions.

At Bons, one can find the following tabs of available bets:

  • Main (contains the most popular bets among punters)
  • Totals (the number of goals one/both teams will score or won’t)
  • Handicap (typical handicaps that depend on the opponents’ power)
  • 1st/2nd half (ability to choose the outcome/event in both halves separately)
  • Corners/Bookings (popular statistical aspects to bet on)
  • Fast (periods when a particular event happen or don’t)
  • Combo markets (bets like winner+total or team to score + half result)

To tell the truth, Bons isn’t offering the widest odds line for football games. However, the bookmaker covers 95% of the possible bets that can be made before or during the football battle. It’s still more than a hundred possible picks for a bettor, which increases the chances to catch the needed odds instead of scrolling a few additional hundreds of coefficients.

Nonetheless, we’ll mark the odds line aspect with 4.6 due to the lack of coefficients, although 95% of needed picks are present on the website.

Margins for betting on football at

This element is critical for the bettors who are playing in the long run. Lower margins mean that a player can earn more due to higher coefficients. As a rule, the bookmakers with margins of 3 to 5% are considered as reliable and generous; those with 5-8% are middle-class bookies, while 8%+ is an extremely high margin.

To calculate the margins, we visited and took the qualification match for the World Cup 2022 between two middle-class teams. The home team win was offered with the coefficient of 1.5, the draw was considered with a 4.3, and the away squad victory received the odds of 6.8. Simple calculations give the following results:

(1 / 1.5 + 1 / 4.3 + 1 / 6.8)*100% – 100% = 4.6%

The controlling calculations for the English Premier League game showed a margin of 4.9%. That is a rather nice result that shows Bons adequate approach towards forming their odds as they don’t take too much from their clients. Such a rate confirms that one can surely play in the long run at this bookmaker due to the additional cashback and loyalty programs.

As some bookies still have lower margins, we are ready to mark Bons with a 4.8 due to the nice overall level (lower than 5%), which is facilitated with loyalty offers that help to earn more in the long run.

Statistics and technical specifics

A significant part of every successful bettor’s work is preparation. Professional tipsters are learning tons of statistics before making a single bet to exclude any potential danger. Opening a stats tab is a rule for every wagerer who looks a bit further than odds and his expectations. That is why access to suitable statistics is rather important.

Luckily, most of the bookies are ready to suggest their technical facilities for the punters. In this regard, is one of the leaders in the market due to the following reasons:

  • A full overview of the pre-match conditions
  • Detailed head-to-head data
  • Archive of the previous games, including former seasons
  • Review of the referees and their typical judging style
  • Standing’s trend, stadiums, and many more

All these elements are grouped into the appropriate categories, which makes it easier to find the needed information. Bettors that want only a superficial overview can scroll the main tab, while the detailed data is available in separate tabs.

Additionally, Bons presents a real-time animated variant of the game or even live-streaming for free matches. It helps wagerers to follow the game without quitting the betting website but have the ability to make more precise online bets.

So, this element deserves 5 points out of 5 due to the comprehensive and full access of the bettors to the needed information. Overall, Bons deserves 4.8 out of 5 for its football betting activity.

Bons football betting details

Basic things to know about bets on football

Betting on football is naturally among the most often requests of wagerers in all the Earth’s corners. Although Indian bettors prefer cricket, football’s second place is undoubtful and opens wide borders to test one’s wagering skills. While the issue of bookmaker choosing is critical, some additional ones usually arise. Amid the most popular questions are “how to win more?” and “what should one know about football betting before making bets?” The second part of this webpage is dedicated to giving a short guide to football betting as such.

The most popular game in the world seems to be the best learned in terms of wagering. However, a lot of bettors know the theory but don’t apply it in practice, so decreasing their earnings. So, let’s review the most common and obligatory elements that should be well-understood by every person who is involved in sports betting.

Types of football bets

To start with, let’s review the major types of bets that exist for a football match.

We will also explain the major purpose and specifics of each of the following ones:

  • Win/draw/win (the simplest variant, suitable for inexperienced players)
  • Handicaps (choose the advantage one of the teams receive that will help it to win; suitable for choosing in the clashes between an evident favourite and underdog)
  • Total (betting on the number of goals that will/won’t be in the game; allows to predict better tight matches)
  • Score (guessing a correct score is a dangerous but rather profitable game of chance)
  • Statistics (the number of cards, free kicks, fouls, possession, etc. – additional options for professional tipsters)
  • Individual stats (the number of goals, fouls, cards, dribbles, shots – everything that can be counted; especially attractive for the particular players’ fans)
  • Intervals/halves (specific periods when the occasions – like a penalty, the first goal, first foul, score – will/won’t happen; used by professionals that feel a particular condition for the outcome to happen)
  • Specific (i.e. match result and total, result and both to score; combinations of two types of bets, used by advanced wagerers)

These types of bets form a huge amount of possible picks for players. The size of the odds line directly depends on the status of the tournament. Usually, online betting sites offer hundreds of bets for the top competitions like the Champions League or the EPL. In practice, the first three types cover more than half of all the wagers made on a particular football clash. However, a lot of people try specific bets like the number of cards or fouls for the tough rivalries, which are often more emotional than ordinary matches.

By the way, a wide range of specific football odds is present at Their welcome promotions will surely attract you and double the winning chances.

What tournaments to choose from?

The issue of tournaments to bet on is quite a tricky one. First of all, a bettor has to choose the competition he knows the most about and preferably watch at least some games. It helps to understand better the odds line and potential inequalities suggested by betting sites. At the same time, it’s very exciting to watch the clash having the wager on it.

On the other hand, it’s vital to choose reliable tournaments due to the absence of match-fixing. The higher the status of the competition – the lower the chances to get to the trap. The suspicious football games are usually held in the lower divisions of the developing countries and try to avoid a wide wagering audience. Simultaneously, the events like UEFA Champions League, Serie A, English Premier League or La Liga are at the end of the list of potential match-fixing tournaments.

Effectiveness of football wagering tips

The latter variant is also preferable for those who try to rely on football betting tips as additional help. It’s much easier to find the thoughts of experts concerning the most viewable competitions. Such a process is way important for your personal development as a tipster. Comparing your own thoughts with the contrary expectations of the other smart people can generate a golden middle and shouldn’t be avoided.

As a rule, football tipsters are seeking the most underestimated odds for the upcoming game. It can be a simple winner choosing approach or a more tricky one like the number of cards or corners. The most profitable ones can guess about 70% of the outcomes, generating significant revenues in the long run.

Betting football specifics in India

Wagers on football in India aren’t as popular as on cricket. However, local players are actively using their betting apps to predict the outcome of the football game. As a rule, they choose the local leagues or the top European tournaments like UCL, EPL, La Liga, or Serie A.

In short, the Indian bettor should follow the following guidelines:

  1. Choose a football competition you know the most about.
  2. Learn deeper about the upcoming match.
  3. Try to make a rough prediction without watching the odds.
  4. Compare your expectations with the bookie’s coefficients.
  5. Read a few tips for the game and try to understand the arguments of the experts.
  6. Define the most suitable bet for the event with a comfortable coefficient.
  7. Choose a reliable bookie and make a wager.

The last step is the easiest to accomplish with This bookmaker offers suitable paying options and significant bonuses (4 lakh rupees for the first five deposits). Of course, a live support 365/24/7 and broad odds line for football and other sports is also present.

FAQ about Football Bets

  • What is football betting?

    Football betting is making wagers on the football matches and its particular outcomes.

  • How to win in football betting?

    To win in football betting one has to know deeply the upcoming game conditions and make an appropriate prediction.

  • How does football betting work?

    Football betting works just like the other wagering types: choose the game and its particular outcome, make a wager, and take your money if you are right with a forecast.

  • What is a handicap in football betting?

    Handicap in football betting is the specific type of wagers that show a dominance of one team over another. A true underdog can start the game with a handicap -2.5, which means that they can easily win by three goals and overcome a negative handicap.

  • What is 3-way betting in football?

    3-way betting in football is the common type of bets that include 3 different outcomes. The simplest instance is the win 1/draw/win 2 option.

  • How to make money betting on football?

    To make money betting on football one has to predict the right outcome of the particular event and wager some money on it on the bookmaking platform.

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