Betting Sites in India: In-Depth Review

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Indians love sports betting and know that betting tips can help to earn extra money if the event is predicted right. But how to determine if the bookmaker is trustworthy? There are dozens of elements that should be checked and analysed. This article explains how this process should be done to avoid unreliable destinations and register on the best online betting sites in India safely. If you don’t have time to read this writing and want our recommendation – try This bookie suggests the best bonuses and well-adjusted for the Indian wagerers in payments and sporting events.

Betting Sites in India

Reviewing the best betting sites in India

The rapid growth of bookmaking in India leads to the appearance of more bookmakers. The majority of them attract attention by offering incredible bonuses and payment speed. At the same time, some notable international brands also try to conquer the Indian betting market, being trustworthy and secure. However, it’s almost impossible to define if the wagering platform is safe enough without deep analysis.

Such a situation creates enough confusion for Indian bettors. How should one check the newcomer with attractive bonuses? What do licenses mean for wagering safety in India? Is the list of the presented payment methods and odds line competitive enough? Well, this review will surely answer all these questions and lots of others.

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Common features of the top betting sites in India

Actually, dozens of aspects should be considered when choosing an online bookie. Some of them can be grouped into subcategories, as are the links of one chain. We’ve divided all the important elements into nine categories:

Let’s review each of them in more detail.

Betting Sites in India


When it comes to advertising a betting firm, bonuses and unique offers play a vital role. Almost everyone knows about welcome bonuses as the foremost option to attract new customers. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Bookmakers have extensive bonus grids to interest all clients. Interestingly, the latter can use such suggestions cleverly and upgrade their winnings.

It means that one has to perceive promotion approaches calmly. A massive reward for newcomers should not blind a bettor as there can be plenty of hidden obstacles. At the same time, why should you ignore the free bank upgrade offered by a reliable betting firm? So, cash rewards are the first thing everyone sees when meeting a new bookmaker, but that shouldn’t be the only reason to join or avoid an online wagering platform.

For instance, you saw an unknown bookmaker Would you take their bonus for the first five deposits and regular cashback as a trigger to join them? In this particular case, the decision is easy as this international brand is fully reliable and well prepared to work with Indian bettors.

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The issue of banking goes in parallel with the overall reliability of the digital business. In betting, financial transactions are even more critical. First of all, the recent technological development supports instant payments that should be present in the portfolio of every respectable bookie. Secondly, the client should have the needed variety of paying platforms and currencies to transfer money.

Luckily, one can quickly check the second aspect in a matter of seconds and make a decision. However, the issue of transactions’ speed isn’t so easy. Even online betting corporations have to warn clients that some money transfers can take up to a few days. In practice, the bank account of the client tops up in a few minutes after withdrawing. So, you can check those banking elements, but some of them only when trying to transfer real money.

If the talk is about cryptocurrencies, not all the elements are obvious. In general, the security of the crypto transactions and their speed is higher. However, you have to pay attention to the fees, which can be huge while converting digital coins to Indian rupees afterwards. Here is one making a personal choice and deciding which approach is more suitable for him.


Usually, a wagerer is 95% sure what sports and events he will bet on. However, the rest, 5%, is a floating number that sometimes is seeking interesting variants. That’s why the best online betting sites in India propose many markets to pick from. Cricket and football are, undoubtedly, the top choice, but others shouldn’t be ignored.

From another point of view, the number of suggested markets confirm the reliability of the wagering platform. An extensive assortment means good servers and technical background. At the same time, sports alternatives to bet on show the firm’s scalability, which is synonymous with reliability.

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The continuation of the previous item is the variety of odds, especially live ones. The more the odds for one event – the more trust a bookie shows to its customers. Just like with markets, more options mean a better technical side of the betting firm and reliable software providers.

Live odds variety is another vital aspect to have. Many professional bettors prefer live bets due to better predictability. For other users of bookmaker platforms, that is a clear sign of trustworthiness. In order to satisfy this cluster of players, the top 10 betting sites in India offer them nice diversity.

One more aspect to discuss here is the margin. Recently, typical margins are about 3-5%, allowing bettors to convert almost the whole bet to the win. If the betting website offers higher margins, it will hit your winnings on the distance. Please read how to calculate the odds in our other articles.


This item should also be divided into two smaller sections. The first relates to the licenses and legality of the bookmaker. As the Indian government isn’t strictly regulating the bookmaking sector, one has to be confident he won’t be scammed. Logically, the first step to check is the license origin. Curacao and Malta are reliable licensing destinations, which check both the technical and financial background of the firm.

At the same time, the security of the bookie also means safe usage of the platform. As the winnings can be huge, the best wagering sites have to propose a high encryption level. It prevents vital information’s leakages to the world web. Sometimes, security plays an essential role in the final decision of a bettor to join or avoid the bookie.

Mobile app

Yes, as simple as that. However, not the only presence of the application for portable devices should be. Before registering and depositing some cash, try the app on your smartphone. Smooth functioning and pleasant design can be detected in just a minute.

Another important feature of mobile betting apps is the ability to bet on the go. A lot of live events can be played while you have other plans, and the app rescues in this case. Also, many bettors have been using their portable gadgets for watching sporting events. To some extent, modern smartphones have already replaced a lot of other devices and gadgets. It seems that mobile betting apps haven’t made the last turn of their development, so be prepared for the future.


The modern IT sector has done a lot to transform our imagination towards using digital devices. While people didn’t notice it, the usability of websites and smartphones has become much better now. Best betting sites can even be used as the instance of new approaches implementation.

To be more specific, spend a few minutes clicking on the bookie’s website. How many clicks are there needed to find the required odd or event? Is it easy to find the necessary statistics? Are there too many pop-up windows while scrolling the event? Can you fastly confirm your bet on the live event? When using a mobile phone for it, those questions can become unanswerable and influence the final decision.

Customer service

This item may seem unnecessary, especially if the betting site has a nice FAQ rubric. But when we face troubles, we want to resolve them immediately. The importance of instant help becomes even more vital if the talk is about money.

The most reliable approach in such conditions is the presence of live support 24/7. Of course, the most likely option is to bet on the platforms with live chat or phone help. As we know, emails aren’t the fastest way to communicate, especially if some specifications are needed at the moment. It became the reason for one of the leaders in the Indian bookmaking market, Bons, to come to the state with 24/7 live customer support.

Additional features

Amid the most widespread additional options, the best betting sites are suggesting is sports events’ live streaming. It helps to understand better the situation on the field, hall, or ring and make more accurate bets.

Some bookies are also ready to offer VIP conditions for their best customers. Exclusive access to some streams, reduced margins for some top events, special loyalty bonuses are among the best examples. To some extent, some bettors prefer to stay with their favourite bookmaker to receive a full range of promotions. Others often seek the most attractive VIP conditions even before joining the new platform of online betting.

How to apply that info when testing a bookmaker?

The aforementioned info can be regarded as a too complicated guide for bettors. In practice, players don’t want to spend much time checking all the aspects on their own. So they go to the trusted sources and read reviews. But this process isn’t too fast and not always reliable.

In this case, we recommend making the following steps:

  1. Go to the needed website.
  2. Find info about the license.
  3. Check markets and odds lines.
  4. Check available languages and paying methods.

It will take a minute or less and will give you basic information about the bookie. Then, you can try to deposit a small amount of money to check the speed and reliability of the transactions. That is the only way to be assured that everything is ok with a particular bookmaker.

How to choose online betting sites in India?

All the information above relates to the common one when you want to choose a bookmaker. However, the Indian betting market is quite specific, and a few items should be explained separately. Amid the elements to review additionally are:

  • Bonuses
  • Payments
  • Markets

Promotions’ specific in India

At first glance, what can be different with the special offers in India if you compare them with the other countries? Actually, a lot. The potential of the Indian bookmaking sector is huge, which leads to active steps many bookies are making to conquer it. We’ve discussed some hidden obstacles that exist, while now we will review more concrete examples.

Typical bonuses

There are four major types of rewards Indians can receive:

  1. Welcome bonuses. That is the most widespread and pretty common approach to attract new bettors. It often depends on the cash sum one brings as the very first deposit. Most of the bookmakers offer from 0.1 and up to 0.5 lakh rupees.
  2. No deposit bonus/free bets. Some bookies suggest the ability to bet for free. If the prediction is winnable, it goes to the ordinary balance that can be withdrawn. It can be used to understand how the bookmaker is working.
  3. Cashback. A reward that is paid for loyalty. Usually, the longer you are placing bets, the higher cashback is given to you. However, only the strongest wagering sites are offering such a promotion for Indian players.

Wagering limitations and requirements

While the diversity of rewards is pretty wide for Indian players, some requirements are going in parallel with them. Thus, a welcome reward directly depends on the first depositing sum. Also, you should be ready to bet promotion money a few times with specific coefficients. Free bets aren’t also so easy to grab. Thus, one has to bring an equal amount of real cash and use them for playing before the withdrawal. What relates to cashback, this is a truly individual offer and depends on several independent factors.

How to find the best bonus offer for bettors from India?

Luckily, the answer to this question is clear at the moment. While most betting firms offer up to 0.5 lakh, is ready to suggest up to 4 lakh rupees. Moreover, that is a combined bonus for the first five deposits. Although it seems to be enough to choose Bons, they are also ready to give a cashback for the most active players.

Banking specifics in India

The most common requirement in this regard is the presence of rupees (₹) in the acceptable currencies’ list. Luckily, a lot of international wagering firms came to India with their national currency in the payment portfolio. It allows Indians to deposit and withdraw money simply using their debit and credit cards.

However, the transaction from an Indian bank to a bookie and vice versa can take a few days. Additionally, the local government will have all the opportunities to check such cash transfers. It forces Indian bettors to use e-wallets and even cryptocurrencies for payments.

Among the simplest ways to avoid potential checks and long terms is to use PayTM. This Indian e-wallet firm is way popular and so should be added to the list of acceptable paying options of a bookmaker. However, Indians should also review international alternatives like PayPal, a more common paying feature among betting websites. The issue of cryptocurrencies is simpler – more variants mean better flexibility. Being one of the pacemakers on the Indian bookmaking market, is ready to propose all those paying variants.

Most interesting sports for Indians

An additional element to clarify with Indian betting is the specifics of the sports. While most on Earth prefer football as the core, Indian wagerers are ready to watch and bet on cricket all day long, using cricket betting tips and football betting tips. Of course, they are also trying to predict football, basketball, tennis, boxing, UFC, and even kabaddi matches. Nonetheless, the most attention is paid to cricket clashes, especially in the local but powerful Indian Premier League.

Why are the best cricket betting sites in India successful?

Indeed, the primary reason is the spreading of this sport in the country. Indians love everything about this game. Not surprisingly, they have the strongest competition in this regard – IPL. Moreover, the national squad has been considered among the world’s leaders for decades. This outdoor activity is played all year round, and the number of competitions is immense. All these reasons are building strong positions of cricket betting sites for online cricket betting in India for years.

What makes football betting popular in India?

Even though the highest wagering spot in India belongs to cricket betting, football’s second place is also undoubtful among the rest of the sports. Even the weaknesses of the local competitions like the I-League and the Indian Super League attract enough bettors’ attention. At the same time, Indian wagerers are gladly making bets on the English Premier League (EPL), Serie A, La Liga, Champions League (CL), and World Cup matches.


Summing up, India is among the luckiest locations in terms of bookmaking. The attractiveness of its betting market scales forces the best bookies to propose excellent conditions, especially in terms of promotions. For instance, suggests up to 4 lakh rupees in welcome payments for the first five deposits, also giving a tasty cashback. In such conditions, even newly registered users receive much higher chances to top up their wallets while betting at Bons bookie.

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