Specifics of Football Betting Tips: Guide for Newcomers

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The number of football fans is immense, making this sport the most popular variant for punting and using football betting tips. Although Indians love cricket the most, football competitions take a confident second place. So, a lot of wagerers from India like to bet on this sport and surely would like to know some football tips before turning online betting into a profitable hobby. As a reminder, we propose you try your luck at bons.com. This bookmaker offers astonishing starting promotions in combination with reliability and diversity.

Betting tips football fans have to know

Traditionally for sports betting tips, experts in the field analyse matches in the most detailed way. For the football game, a lot of aspects should be considered:

Teams’ recent shapes

The latest matches are the most important source of information. Even if the squad isn’t able to win or grab some points, games’ scenarios can give a lot of helpful info.

Historical preconditions

Football is rich in derbies and principal contests, making the predictability of clashes rather tough. Even weaker teams can successfully oppose favourites, or some stadiums are just uncomfortable for specific opponents. Some football tipsters are paying attention to this element first of all.



The home team has a set of advantages that impact the final score. First of all, the away squad has to make short or long trips, which brings smaller room for players’ recreation. Secondly, the support of home fans always helps the home team to perform better as the emotional background is much better. Thirdly, the stadium’s location or specifics sometimes is a huge factor (too small or big field’s size; breathing at stadiums situated in the high altitudes above sea level).


Even though modern stadiums have great drain and heating systems, too strict weather conditions can overload technical equipment. In this case, the team that plays a more straight and simpler football receives an advantage. Negative temperatures on the thermometer can also become an issue for the players from southern countries and allow experts to offer interesting tips for particular games.

Injuries and star players

Top squads usually have two players for each position, but there are no more than a few stars in each team. Such footballers are making a difference, and their absence is often vital. Too many injuries in a squad also have a negative impact as it tightens the room for coaches to vary tactics or make effective substitutions. This is one of the basic aspects of making the right predictions, and betting sites, as betting apps, such as cricket betting apps and IPL betting app from Bons.com use this info too.

Football Betting Tips


The English Premier League is highly popular among bettors. One of the most interesting periods in their schedule comes to New Year eve – the Boxing Day period. Some teams are forced to play every 48 hours, which is exhausting. In 2020, the tight schedules due to corona delays led to many injuries and unexpected results even on the top European level.


The most experienced tipsters and football experts even try to analyse possible tactics for the upcoming game. As most of the coaches don’t like to change the game-plan not to confuse their players, it becomes easy to forecast match scenarios. One of the most common variants for equal opponents: too attacking tactics can fail against a solid defensive side. However, such knowledge gives a broader room for planning – betting on totals becomes a perspective variant.

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How to use free football betting tips

The difference between paid and free cricket betting tips we’ve already covered. The situation with prepaid predictions in football has the same roots. In short, avoid costly forecasts for the discussed game and try to know more about free tips.

Applying football betting tips today

The recent conditions in football betting tips didn’t significantly change compared to traditional ones. The latest splash in this regard was in the previous season, which was a COVID-affected period. Global football organisers didn’t want to lose money, so they tightened the football schedule too much. It led to a massive rise of injuries, and even the top teams’ squads weren’t able to battle for every trophy effectively. Some of this tips can be used on cricket betting sites for cricket betting.

Luckily or not for football bettors, the situation returned to a more stable condition. Right preseason preparations and a typical schedule allow tipsters to make more precise forecasts. The return to the normal situation is also linked to the return of fans to the stadiums. Silent matches were less emotional and interesting, while today, everything is OK.

One of the main features of online betting sites for football is the huge variety of events that can be predicted. None of the existing sports can conquer the “number one” game. A typical odds line for a top football event like Champions League, for instance, contains hundreds of bets’ variants.

However, the most popular bets are still the same:

  • Winner/loser + draw
  • Totals’ overs/unders
  • Handicaps
  • Winner/loser for each half
  • Totals for each half
  • Team/individual total
  • Exact score
  • Yellow/red cards (team and individual statistics)
  • Intervals
  • Statistics (corners, cards, throwings, offsides, interceptions, dribbles, possession)
  • Shots (including shots on target)
  • Combined (team to score in the half and match result, etc.)
  • Special

Such a variety opens immense opportunities to provide and use football betting tips. Experts are ready to dive into statistics and offer interesting and underestimated variants for free. Of course, you have to analyse suggestions by yourself first.

Where to try football predictions and football betting tips?

Of course, the simplest and most reliable way to test sports betting tips is to take a piece of paper, make virtual bets, and check a result. Such an approach is better to test with dozens of the bets and then count the final balance.

However, such a cheap way of trying your luck isn’t fully true. That is related to human psychology. Thus, people tend to think and decide in quite different ways when risking with real money or virtual ones. In this regard, you can try to contest with your friend who will be more successful in betting on football. It will increase the pressure when deciding which football tip to believe and so make the free test more reliable.

Many Indian punters, however, are seeking a reliable place to make bets for real money. We usually recommend betting firms that offer the best bonuses, which is a vital element at the beginning. The true leader amid the best betting sites in India in this regard is bons.com. You can receive up to 4 lakh rupees in bonuses for the first five deposits. Also, they propose regular cashback, stable support 24/7, and a full package of needed conditions for Indian bettors (PayTM, rupees, broad online cricket betting odds line). They are really able to turn football betting tips into a profitable and reliable way of getting extra cash for you.

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