Best Betting Sites in India: Main Features

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Choosing the best betting sites to play on can be a frustrating task. However, all the variety that exists nowadays helps to understand the primary features that should be considered. Hours spent on investigation enabled us to draw up the top 5 elements one has to pay attention to when choosing the best Indian bookmaker. So, if you are looking for the best bonuses, flexible payment options, flawless technical functioning, wide odds line, and total transparency – is waiting for you.

How to determine the best betting sites?

Experienced players have already learned how to check betting websites for safe playing. Also, the use of some betting tips and secret cricket betting tips on cricket betting sites. Among the most common reasons are simply the brand’s name, suitable payment options, or the variety and amount of bonuses. That is reasonably the shortest checklist to rely on, although the other aspects can be vital for other bettors.

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How to check new sites?

For a new player, joining a global betting brand is one of the most straightforward and reliable decisions. However, it’s not always evident if the bookmaker is really a huge international name in the field, but it’s easy to check. While googling is still a reliable way to know more about everything you want, simply visiting a website with an imaginary loop can be a simpler decision.

betting sites

In this case, one can pay attention to the following aspects:

  • bonuses variety
  • payment options
  • technical background
  • transparency

To understand better how this checklist works, let’s look at as the new betting name in India and define if it is a huge international name.

  1. Bonuses. has one of the broadest bonus grids among the best betting sites, including a welcome reward amount depending on the first deposit. Moreover, the regarded website offers bonuses for the first five deposits, nothing to say about the variety of particular suggestions afterwards. Small brands and unreliable bookmakers won’t pay as many bonuses for their clients as it requires a substantial financial background, especially at the beginning.
  2. Payments. The number of depositing and withdrawing options was always the best way to understand online betting websites’ possibilities to deal with independent financial structures. The more the payment options – the greater the authority of the firm. suggests dozens of reliable methods – explicit confirmation of its reliability in this regard.
  3. Technical side. There are plenty of aspects to check: website’s functioning, mobile app existence, the number of available languages, design, live support, and so on. To know how it should be realised – visit
  4. Transparency. One of the essential elements is to check the legal side of the bookmaker. Best online betting sites, like, have permission from Curacao or Malta and dozens of paying options. Here the amount of available financial transactions also plays an important role, while a reliable license is obligatory.

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Top betting sites in India

When it comes to determining the best betting sites in India, the items to check the reliability of the betting platform are pretty much the same. However, there are some specifics in terms of language and paying methods that should be clarified. To come up with reasonable arguments, we’ve analysed India’s top 10 websites to highlight the trend and implement all betting tips.

Analysing top 10 sites

  1. Regulation basics

Being a part of gambling activity, the regulation of betting in India is based on the laws and directives of states. Although some states forbid visiting betting websites at all, most local governments support this kind of gambling. Nonetheless, there are no Indian bookmakers registered inside the country as the regulators don’t give any licenses. It means that Indian bettors are playing on the best foreign betting sites, which suggest suitable payment methods and other conditions that fit the needs of Indians.

  1. Payments

The most vital element that attracts Indian bettors is the variety of payment methods. All of them can be divided into three general categories: 

  • Credit cards (transactions can be slow but with minimum fees; the lowest privacy protection level)
  • E-wallets (fast transactions but with a bit higher fees; privacy protection is high)
  • Cryptocurrencies (require extra accounts and transactions, pretty fast; high privacy protection)

All of them have pros and cons, while the common feature is accepting or converting Indian currency – rupee (INR). Those betting sites that don’t have the option to proceed with rupees cannot be regarded as safe bookmakers for Indians.

  1. Language

Even though hundreds of Indian languages exist inside the country, a reliable betting website should present at least two major ones. Except for the state’s official Hindi, millions of Indians perceive English as their second language. That is why the best betting sites in the country should present those two communication variants.

  1. Sports specifics

Even though there are plenty of the general aspects that every bookmaker should have (like odds line, mobile app, streams of the sporting events), the specifics of betting in India include sports preferences of the local bettors. Thus, the most popular sport in India for sports betting is cricket betting, with IPL betting app at the top of popular bets, while football is taking second place with the best European competitions to earn on. By the way, you can read our article about football betting tips. Thus, the odds line for those sporting events should be the widest, while the other directions like basketball, esports, or kabaddi are usually presented with much-limited betting options.

Top 5 features of the best online betting sites in India

Traditionally, we sum up all the discussed aspects at the end to make some kind of conclusion. So, if Indian bettors want to earn real money on sports betting, they should choose the bookmaker, taking into account the following aspects:

  1. Bonuses. Higher bonuses mean that the bookmaker is ready to pay more money for you, while a wide bonus grid can help to come up with the best strategy you want.
  2. Payments. Best betting websites offer various payment options, including traditional banking and e-wallets that accept INR for your comfort. If you need a maximum privacy level – look for the bookmaker that proceeds cryptocurrencies.
  3. Technical side. The availability to bet via mobile betting apps or specific cricket betting apps is a must, while the flawless functioning of both the application and web version of the betting platform is also vital. Also, pay attention to the languages as reliable betting firms have both Hindi and Indian English for your comfort.
  4. Sports specifics. Indians prefer online cricket betting and football in bets, so the regarded bookmaker should have an extensive odds line in this regard. Sometimes they use different cricket betting tips.Of course, if you want to bet on other sports, check the variety of odds, respectively.
  5. Transparency. Although the issue of licensing isn’t too strict in India, it’s better to play on the betting website with Curacao or Maltese license. Those jurisdictions are perfectly adjusted to providing permits for international bookmakers.

Don’t you want to spend hours learning the regarded items for every bookmaker? Our recommendation is to visit, which is the perfect fit for Indian bettors regarding all the aspects above. Bonuses for the first five deposits, cashback, odds variety for Indian Premier League, 24/7 live support, and tons of other pleasant surprises – everything is available for Indian players who want to earn while betting.

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Cricket Betting Sites: Comprehensive Review

The demand on cricket betting sites isn’t accidental – the game is extra popular in some countries like UK, India, South Africa, Pakistan, Australia, and New Zealand. Except for the last two states, the others are multimillion countries with great attention to wagering. However, how can an inexperienced punter define if the bookie is reliable and suitable enough for making bets on cricket? This article is meant to give a comprehensive answer to this question and tell more about the related issues.

Cricket Betting Sites

We have a recommendation for those who are just looking for reliable online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees. is ready to satisfy your needs in cricket wagering with a vast odds line, low margins, huge special bonuses, and attention to all the other details.

Features of the online cricket betting sites

As a rule, there are no separate cricket wagering platforms. Usually, the considered game is only one of the choices available on the typical bookie’s website. Diverse bookmakers offer different conditions towards the odds line or available statistics. However, let’s start with historical preconditions that made cricket one of the most viewable sports and a beloved choice for bettors of various countries.

Why is cricket popular among bettors?

The appearance of cricket is usually linked to the end of the 16th century in Great Britain. That was one of the games associated with intelligent people and their leisure. Before receiving the status of the national sports in the kingdom, the game passed a rather interesting stage.

Thus, in the second half of the 17th century, cricket was already a widespread game. The attention to this activity was so huge that people became interested in making bets for the games’ outcomes. At some point, cricket wagering was even more essential than the game as it is.

Such an effect indeed relates to the game’s fundamental aspects. Thus, the rules of the game were relatively simple, and the broad audience fastly accepted them. As the playing and viewing audience was mainly intelligent and prosperous to some extent, live sports betting was an additional way to make the game more interesting to watch.

Even though the current situation with the players and viewers has changed, the roots of the betting potential seem to be noticeable. The game is still quite simple for understanding, while the following audience is enormous. This effect can be easily found in India, where cricket is the national game and more popular than football. It makes the Indian Premier League a top-tier competition, while the national squad is among the strongest all over the world.

Broad odds line for a cricket match

Nowadays, the situation with cricket and making wagers on it is pretty balanced. If a punter wants to make a bet on the cricket clash, he expects to see a broad odds line. At the same time, the latter is the sign that the bookmaker made enough to be considered as one of the best cricket betting sites. On the contrary, you should close the tab or the attractive IPL betting app if you cannot find dozens of bet variants for every inning.

Traditionally, top-tier cricket battles mean the appearance of hundreds of coefficients.

Nonetheless, they can be grouped into seven major categories:

  • Match winner/tied game
  • Winner of the series or outright
  • Innings’ overs/unders
  • Handicaps
  • Individual statistics (top bowler/batsman)
  • Individuals’ contest
  • Special/live bets

A regular cricket game usually means the ability to find dozens of picks on a reliable online betting platform. The top-tier events like T20 World Cup or IPL lead to even more extensive odds lines, with more than a hundred coefficients to choose from. If the bookie isn’t ready to cover those tournaments with extensive odds offers, that is just a suspicious website to bet there.

The instance of the reliable bookmaker for cricket betting is You can easily find dozens of cricket matches with vast odds lines for each of them. Their special welcome offer for newcomers (up to 4 lakh rupees) can be a promising chance to turn the game knowledge into a profitable activity.

Extensive statistics for matches

Another vital element of the cricket wagering process is access to statistics. Usually, world-known brands collect tons of data and are ready to share it with their customers. It allows bettors to prepare their pre-match analysis more accurately without visiting specific websites with stats.

An additional aspect to mention is the design of the webpage with statistics. All graphs, comparative and final tables, visualization of recent matches – all these elements should be easy to read and understand. That is a bad sign for a punter if the bookmaker has only basic statistics for the Indian Premier League match.

The statistics tab can actually become a replacement for the cricket betting tips from other websites. Experts try to review as much info about the upcoming game as possible, and trustworthy bookies can be even a source for them. You are wrong if you think that bookmakers aren’t interested in giving too much data about the game. The algorithms of their work include the stats analysis and recent activity of the wagerers. You just have to be attentive and find out where the real situation is presented with the wrong coefficient.

Specifics of the cricket betting sites in India

To be an attractive bookmaker for Indian cricket followers, the ordinary platform has to expand the aforementioned list of aspects. The differences aren’t huge, and they are rather supplements to the existing services. For instance, adding the Hindi language to the website and particular paying options can be enough. However, let’s talk about these elements in more detail.

Hindi language

India is one of the most populous states on Earth, which correlates with the number of languages spoken in it. Overall, there are about 400 languages used in the country. Nonetheless, it’s impossible to add all of them to the single platform so that India itself has only two official national languages.

The most widespread is Hindi, which is the historical core of dozens of other variants and is known by the majority of Indians. The second place belongs to the English language, which came with the British invasion. It received wide popularity due to its international status and suitability and now is used by hundreds of millions of citizens. That is why this text for Indian bettors is written in English.

Nonetheless, the status of the second official language still means that the minority speaks English. That is why it’s important to translate the whole content of the bookmaker into Hindi. That is why the best cricket betting sites in India prefer having all the tabs and webpages in their native language to widen their potential customers’ lists. At the same time, that is the sign that the bookie really wants to work in the country and made enough to adjust the platform for a more suitable usage by Indians.

A good instance of how a reliable bookmaker has to work on the Indian market is Bons. Entering a website, you can easily change the language and grab your welcome bonuses that can be used for cricket and other sports as well.

Rupees and PayTM

Following the language specifics, a bookmaker has to create affordable paying conditions for Indian bettors. First of all, the talk is about rupees as the national currency, which is used everywhere in the banking sector. Legal and reliable betting websites are actively cooperating with Indian banks and so accept online payments in rupees. However, this way of financial transactions is often regarded as not fully reliable by Indians themselves. Direct payments from bank accounts mean higher tracking of the transactions that some fiscal authorities can further use.

In order to exclude such transparency, Indian wagerers prefer using e-wallets. The services like PayTM, which are fully Indian, add an additional link to the chain of transactions and so significantly increase privacy. Nonetheless, it leads to a bit higher fees and sometimes is regarded as an unnecessary step. At the same time, such electronic services like PayTM or PayPal provide faster transactions.

Although such approaches seem to be enough, Indians should know that cryptocurrencies are the alternative. This way is the fastest and safest but requires additional knowledge and extra fees. As you can see, the variety of payment methods is huge for Indian wagerers, and the best cricket betting sites have to offer all of them. After all, the punter himself has to choose which is the most suitable for him.

Attention to IPL

Any conversation about cricket and India should contain IPL as one of the primary topics. In the betting sector, that is a must. Indians love to watch their Premier League and bet on the matches as well. While this tournament is broadcast worldwide and beloved by the bettors from all over the globe, India’s attention is truly special. As the core of any IPL team is the squad of Indians, the biggest number of the strongest players has an Indian passport.

From the betting perspective, it means that Indian punters are most interested in having the widest variety of odds for individual results. Choosing the best bowler/batsman or their contest should be best presented in the Indian version of the betting website.

One of the broadest choices in terms of IPL betting odds is available at You can pick great bets on the top cricket matches and double your winning with exclusive bonuses up to 4 lakh rupees.

FAQ about betting sites

  • 💰 Which betting sites accept PayTM?

    Plenty of betting sites accept PayTM, while also offers dozens of other suitable methods to choose from when playing for real money with the bookmaker.

  • 💳 Betting sites which accept INR

    Dozens of betting websites accept INR, whilst offers many other perks in bonuses and payments methods.

  • 💵 How to transfer money to betting sites from India?

    Indian bettors can transfer money to diverse betting websites, but we recommend as a reliable bookmaker to cooperate with.

  • 💲 How to withdraw money from betting sites?

    It depends on the conditions of every bookmaker, while offers 12 different ways for Indians to withdraw their winnings.

  • 🇮🇳 Which betting sites are legal in India?

    Many betting sites are legal in India, but we recommend due to its international reputation and well-adjusted approach in terms of Indian bookmaking specifics.

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