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About Us Biren Ramanatha

Biren Ramanathan – Editor

Biren Ramanathan was born in Mumbai and moved to Mysuru to pursue chemical engineering. He soon realized his passion was not in chemical engineering, as many other Indian engineers were misled.

Biren is now a full-time editor and website manager in Mumbai. He lives with his mother, two sisters, and their dog.

When he’s not at work or having a cup of chai, he watches ODI and IPL matches on TV. Or he plays Gali cricket in the packed streets of the society he resides in. He considers the Royal Enfield his best friend, a bike he loves and cares for as if it were his own child.

  • Favorite Sports: Cricket, evidently! The second spot is shared by Kabaddi and Football.
  • The biggest win: In 2016, he won 16,750 Rupees after India beat Bangladesh unexpectedly in cricket.
  • The Biggest Goal: Getting an autograph from Kapil dev and possibly asking Deepika Padukone out on a date!
About Us Pushpa Meha

Pushpa Mehan – Content Writer

Pushpa, despite having lived her entire life in Delhi for most of her adult life, is not the typical Delhi girl. Instead, you will find Vasudha spending her time on her gaming computer, playing Fortnite or Minecraft.

Pushpa, in addition to her full-time work as a Content Writer, enjoys watching cricket together with her whole family.

Her dad has been a great mentor and her passion for cricket is unrivaled. She would never turn down a plate of chicken momos and a dollop red spicy chutney.

  • Favorite Sport: Is FIFA on Xbox considered a sport? Also, cricket!
  • The Biggest Win: Pushpa deposited some of her savings to win big in the 2018 Test match between India & Australia. India won this match by 137 runs.
  • The Biggest Goal: Win a bet and win as much as 50k. She also wants to meet the Dream Team while she is playing on a Minecraft server.
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